Nov 22

National Weekend Recap

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The top-10 did not change at all this weekend. At the top, Florida and Alabama played cupcakes, and each won big. Texas played Kansas - a decent foe - but by game's end, the Jayhawks also looked like a cupcake. With the win, the 'Horns will take on Nebraska in two weeks. The Huskers won the Big Twelve North by beating Kansas State. Bo Pelini wasn't the only coach to get the Gatorade bucket, as Clemson's Dabo Swinney was also drenched after his Tigers locked up the ACC Atlantic. The postseason picture is getting clearer....sorta.

I honestly do not understand the reasoning behind these late season, out of conference beat-downs that go on between some of these schools, but whatever. I guess it helps the smaller school out with a check, and the bigger school out with a chance to get some young guys some game experience. Anyway, Florida and Alabama beat Florida International and Chattanooga by a combined 107-3 this past Saturday in what are sure to be a couple of instant classics. Hopefully nobody got hurt....

The only team in the top three that played a respectable opponent was Texas, and they absolutely dismantled Kansas. A close game early, UT put up 20 points in the second quarter to blow it open before the half. They seem to have all of the tools neccessary to be a national champion. They have a strong defense, and a great offensive combination in Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley. Kansas, meanwhile, is a tale of two halves this season. They went 5-0 to start, but now sit at 5-6.

Oklahoma really has fallen off of the college football map in 2009. The Sooners had lost several games very close - against top-notch teams. But this past weekend they were demolished by Texas Tech, 41-13, for loss number five. Bob Stoops has delivered some excellent football to Norman, but this season sure isn't one of them. Yes, their star player was injured, but jeez guys, what happened to the rest of the team?!

In Pac Ten Country, there is no game bigger than the one that will go down in Eugene next weekend. With a trip to the Rose Bowl on the line (and a meeting with Ohio State), Oregon State will face arch-rival Oregon in a massive battle. Both teams won this past weekend, while Arizona and Stanford both lost. Next week is for all of the marbles!

For Notre Dame, a blessing in disguise may be this latest defeat. It was the absolute nail in the coffin, and the Irish can take a deep breath and know their will be fresh blood in South Bend next fall. Yeah, it sucks that ND alum Charlie Weis could not perform better, but that is just the way it is. UConn is not a terrible football team, but I guarantee you they are not on the list of teams that is "excusable" (if you will) to lose to. The Irish have set ridiculous standards for themselves. When they begin once more in 2010 to try to start meeting those standards, they will be doing so with a different head coach. Weis has the trip to Stanford left, and then he is gone.

In the ACC, Clemson puched its ticket to the conference championship in Tampa by beating a pitiful Virginia team, 34-21. It was an ugly win - I will be the first to admit. But a win is a win is a win these days, and the scene in Death Valley was festive and fun. The seniors were honored, and Tiger Head Coach Dabo Swinney had 77,000 people sing him happy birthday (40 years old).  Clemson will now face arch-rival South Carolina before facing another big rival in Georgia Tech. We will get to the camo isue later on in the message boards...

And in Athens, the grumblings are getting louder over Georgia Coach Mark Richt. Yes, he has delivered nine solid years of football for UGA. But the Dawgs have yet to threaten for a national title under him, and 2009 has been a disaster to say the least. The latest loss was at home to an average Kentucky team. Sanford Stadium had more than a couple of empty seats - that is red flag numero uno...However, this week could be a huge way for Richt to gain popularity back if they can somehow defeat GT in Atlanta. Win, and the critics back off. But that is unlikely, and Tech is poised to defeat the Dawgs for the second straight year. Richt's job security is just fine right now - but it is definetly an issue to keep your eye on.

As for TCU and Boise State, the weekend again saw them unchallenged. BSU defeated Utah State 52-21 Friday night while TCU defeated Wyoming 45-10 Saturday. Once more (yawn), I like these two teams, but those schedules have got to get revamped. Yes, I know it isn't the fans fault or the players fault or even the coaches fault. But the folks in charge at those two schools MUST find a way to play several more quality teams each year - even if it means (unfairly) hitting the airport.


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