Nov 25

Thanksgiving Weekend Predictions

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Two weeks ago I went 13-2 in our pick'em contest, and I was thinking that I had a good chance to sneak into the lead as we come down the stretch of the regular season. But then I followed that up by going an atrocious 9-6 last week. So long story short, I am probably not going to be able to close the two percent gap between myself and the pack of five leaders. Anyway, here are my picks for this Thanksgiving weekend. By the way, for what am I most thankful? Our fans here on!

#3Texas at Texas A&M - Thursday, 8:00 - ESPN - Somewhere today will be an upset, but I don't think this game will be the one. The Horns simply have too much to lose to take this game lightly. Like several games on the weekend slate, I see this one being close early, before the better of the rivals pulls away. Texas is essentially in a two game playoff now to reach the national championship game. Texas, 41-24.

#1 Alabama at Auburn - Friday, 2:30 - CBS - See above. Of all of the games on the day to have a chance at an upset, this may be the one. Auburn always plays tough at home, regardless of the situation. Bama is truly an elite team, but will have to play focused and disciplined to make sure they don't fall behind early. In a 4-quarter game, I'll take the Tide. Alabama, 31-23.

Nebraska at Colorado - Friday, 3:30 - ABC - Nebraska needs to be careful of a letdown after last week's locking up of the Big 12 North. Colorado isn't very good, but is dangerous enough to pull off the win. As usual, Nebraska will base its game-plan on defense and field-position, and hope to score enough to win. I think they will. Nebraska, 20-10.

#9 Pittsburgh at West Virginia - Friday, 7:00 - ESPN2 - Ok, here it is - my upset special of the week! No, this has nothing to do with cOOper giving me an earful all weekend about Mountaineer football (he really didn't, no time to get words in). This has to do with me thinking this archrival game in Morgantown could spell one thing for WVU: revenge. A couple of years back, the 'Neers were all but in the BCS title game when they lost to Pitt on the road. It's their turn, now, to upset the BCS effort. West Virginia, 27-22.

#23 North Carolina at NC State - Saturday, noon - The Pack have had a miserable, miserable season to say the least. A win over UNC could turn all of that around, and I am tempted to take them. But at the same time, Butch Davis' squad is just now hitting stride, and this would probably be a bad time to bet against them. I'll go with the visitors in this one. North Carolina, 31-20.

#15 Clemson at South Carolina - Saturday, noon - ESPN - Regardless of the situation, I will always pick my Tigers in this game. Period. And this year I have every right to, anyway. Clemson is playing good ball right now and they will be the 2nd or 3rd best defense USC and Stephen Garcia have seen all year (Alabama, Florida). I expect a big game out of the Tiger secondary. Garcia is dangerous, and behind a frenzied crowd will make some things happen early. But, in the end, I think Clemson has too much on offense, as well as too much on defense for USC. If it comes down to kicks, though, the Tigers are in trouble! Clemson, 33-19.

#13 Oklahoma State at Oklahoma - Saturday, 12:30 - Usually OU finds itself in the top-5 when playing this game. This year they aren't even ranked going into it! The Sooners will be playing with a huge chip on their shoulder and a rabid home crowd behind them. I think OSU is a real good team, but I also think OU has caught some bad breaks in 2009, and will come out on fire! In my second upset of the day, I'll go with the home team. Oklahoma, 28-26.

Arizona at Arizona State - Saturday, 3:30 - ABC - Man, these west coast games always get me. I hate to admit this out loud, but I haven't seen much of these two teams all year. The west coast coverage we get usually involves USC or Oregon, seems like. By sheer record alone, Arizona is having a much better season (six wins compared to two in conference), and I would be dumb to bet against such a wide margin of success. Arizona, 31-24.

Florida State at #1 Florida - Saturday, 3:30 - CBS - I want so bad to pick a major upset here, but the fact is that "it just ain't happenin." The Noles have had a rough season, and this will be the final game for Mickey Andrews (legendary long-time defensive coordinator). There are many other rumors circling the FSU program, as well. All that spells trouble for FSU, as Florida is set on go. Florida, 40-23.

# 17 Miami at South Florida - Saturday, 3:30 - ABC - A very interesting game here late in the season. Ten years ago this game would have been about 62-0, Miami. Now though, the Hurricanes will have to play an excellent game to come away with the win. This is one of those games that could hurt the ACC, so come on 'Canes - represent! Miami is the better team, but that doesn't always mean the better team wins. Miami, 27-21.

Tennessee at Kentucky - Saturday, 7:00 - ESPNU - This one is a tricky one. Man, who do I pick?! On one hand you have Lane Kiffin putting some fight and life back into his the Vols program. On the other hand, you have Coach Rich Brooks with a pretty good team, a home-field advantage, and his back against the wall. This one is tough. Hmmm. I will go with the Wildcats. Kentucky, 29-25.

Arkansas at #16 LSU - Saturday, 7:00 - ESPN - I have all of the respect in the world for Arkansas. Year in and year out I feel that this is one of the most underrated programs in the country. With that said, I think winning on Saturday night against a LSU team fighting for a good bowl is a tall task. LSU isn't as strong as they usually are, but they are still stronger than the Hogs. LSU, 30-22.

Georgia at #7 Georgia Tech - Saturday, 8:00 - ABC - Georgia Tech hasn't beaten Georgia back-to-back since 2000. Not only is that good motivation, but the Jackets also have a dang good football team this year. Things just never came together for the Dawgs in 2009, starting with an opening day loss to Oklahoma State. They will open and end the season with losses on the road. Georgia Tech, 38-24.

Notre Dame at Stanford - Saturday, 8:00 - ABC - Notre Dame is basically playing for pride for Charlie Weis now. Everyone in the game of football knows by now that ND will have a new coach in 2010, it is just a matter of who....On the other side of the field, Jim Harbaugh has led Stanford to their best season in years. He is a candidate for national coach of the year awards. I see the Cardinal winning because they are just plain better. Stanford, 30-17.

UCLA at # 20 USC - Saturday, 10:00 - TV tbd - It sure wasn't your typical season in Los Angeles. No, UCLA didn't awaken from the dead and decide to have a good football team. But rather USC isn't nearly as strong as everyone thought they were going to be. Still though, despite being down, they should win this home finale. I will most-likely miss it as it won't end until 1:00 am. USC 35-27.



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