Dec 6

It's Over.

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It is now over. After 22 straight wins and a season-long stretch at the top, Florida is no longer the number one team in college football. That title has now been passed to the Alabama Crimson Tide, who crushed the Gators, 32-13. Also, in the Big 12 Title Game, Nebraska did everything in the world except beat Texas in a gut-wrenching 13-12 loss. In the ACC Championship Game, Georgia Tech edged Clemson 39-34 to earn a trip to the Orange Bowl. The Big East was won in Pittsburgh as Cincinnati stormed back (in a snow storm) to defeat Pitt, 45-44. The day was a long one yesterday, and the drive back I face here in a few minutes from my friends house is a long one, as well. Please check back in with us tonite as I break down the season, and give my projected bowl matchups...
I woke up this morning and started to write an article. But I am in a rush for time and I want to sum this season up better than that. Also too, I want to give the defeat of my Tigers a little more time to be digested. My hat is off to GT as they won the game on a straight up, hard-nosed running based drive in the game's final minutes. That sucks for me as a Clemson fan, but is easier to take than when the refs get in the way. 
And for the Gators, hey, you can't win 'em all. I have a great appreciation for what Florida just did as a program, and this three-year stretch needs to be remembered as one of the greatest of all times. They won two national titles, played for a third, and had a Heisman trophy winner. Urban Meyer now faces a tremendous choice of whether or not to be the next coach at Notre Dame. 
Alabama will now almost certainly play Texas for the national championship, and that should be a great game. I think Alabama's offense is better than Nebraska's, and the defenses of the Huskers and the Tide are about the same - very good. Texas will give them a game, but I will make an early prediction on Alabama to win it all.

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