Dec 7

I'm a Freakin' Genious

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To my awareness, I am pretty sure that noone out there thinks of me as overly brilliant. Yeah, I'm a nice guy, I know my sports, and I broke the thousand mark on my SATs. But in no case in my life have I ever done something with my brain that made people say, "hey, now THAT guy is smart."

Until now. Just today, while sitting on a remote, breathtaking hillside over looking a fertile valley (or on my couch with my laptop), deep in thought of this debate between the BCS and a playoff, it occured to me. Like a slap in the face, I thought of my most genious thought ever: making the BCS itself a playoff. 

If some folks in charge - the untouchables I like to think of them as - insist on having the BCS, then fine. Have it. But hear the masses out, for the masses are crying for a playoff as which exists in every other sport on the planet Earth (including the World Cup, the most popular event there is). So fine, let the BCS folks choose the teams, and even keep their precious four "BCS" games, but just make those 4 bowls (Fiesta, Sugar, Orange, Rose) into the "BCS College Football Playoff."

This even allows the BCS to create two new games: National Semifinal West (Rose winner vs Fiesta winner), and National Semifinal East (Orange Winner vs. Sugar winner), before the winners reach the already existing "BCS Title Game" (which can still rotate between the four BCS bowls, just as it does now).

You could even keep all of the tradition involved with those games. Eight teams make up those four games to set this playoff in motion, and seeding can work hand in hand with tradition. For example, the Big Ten and Pac Ten (who each qualify automatically through current BCS rules) can still start their first round game in the Rose Bowl. The SEC Champ (another AQ by the BCS rules) can still start the first round in the Sugar Bowl. And the same with the ACC Champ going to the Orange Bowl.

As for the rest of the bowl games, you still have them, they just aren't affiliated with this "BCS College Football Playoff."


Here is how it would have played out in 2009 with the "BCS College Football Playoff" :

Round 1:

Rose Bowl - Oregon vs. Ohio State. Oregon wins in dramatic fashion, 31-28.

Fiesta Bowl - TCU vs. Texas. Frogs pull the upset, 28-25.

Sugar Bowl - Alabama vs. Iowa. Alabama wins, pulling away in second half, 35-24.

Orange Bowl - Georgia Tech vs. Cincinnati. Bearcats offense wins shootout, 45-42.


Round 2:

National Semifinal West - Oregon vs. TCU. Frogs win a squeaker, 31-29.

National Semifinal East - Alabama vs. Cincinnati. Bama wins on defense. 28-20.


Round 3:

BCS Title Game - Alabama vs. TCU. Bama wins a game for the ages, 34-32.

National Champ: Alabama


Yeah, it sucks for Boise and Florida, but until a true 16 team playoff comes about, I think this would be an excellent solution. Remember, the SEC champ would not always have to be unbeaten, these were two special years. LSU made the national title game with two losses a few years back. And for Boise, well, normally you would get an at-large, this year just had TCU in the mix, as well.

So there you have it folks, the answer to our college football postseason debate. Was it really that hard to figure out? No. Do I need to make a copy of this and send it in a gold wrapped casing to BCS headquarters? Maybe so.


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