Dec 15

Statistical Winners

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All of the college football awards have been given out, including the Heisman Trophy, which went to Mark Ingram. But all of those awards were based on people's opinions, not necessarily cold, hard fact. So here are the folks and teams that lead the nation in 2009 in the national statistics. By the way, these are the guys you will see playing on Sundays one day...

Team Rankings:

Total Defense - TCU (233.25 yards per game).....2. Alabama  3. Texas  4. Florida  5. Ohio State

Scoring Defense - Alabama (11.0 points per game)...2. Nebraska  3. Florida  4. Penn State  5. Ohio State

Rushing defense - Texas (62.15 yards per game)...2. Alabama  3. TCU  4. Central Florida  5. Ohio State

Passing Defense - Air Force (148.6 yards per game)....2. Eastern Michigan  3. Florida  4. TCU  5. Army

Total Offense - Houston (581.27 yards per game).....2. Nevada  3. Troy  4. TCU  5. Texas A&M

Scoring Offense - Boise State (41.5 points per game)....2. Houston  3. Texas  4. TCU  5. Nevada

Rushing Offense - Nevada (362.25 yards per game)....2. Georgia Tech  3. Air Force  4. Navy  5. TCU

Passing Offense - Houston (450.0 yars per game).....2. Texas Tech  3. Hawaii  4. Troy  5. Notre Dame

Turnover Margin - Rutgers (32 gained, 12 lost).....2. Boise State  3. Air Force  4. Ohio State  5. Alabama

Time of Possession - Georgia Tech (34:18)....2. Kansas State  3. Alabama  4. Wisconsin  5. Navy  5.

Individual Leaders:

Passing - Case Keenum, Houston (36.1 completions per game)....2. Tyler Sheehan, Bowling Green  3. Taylor Potts, Texas Tech  4. Todd Reesing, Kansas  5. Tim Hiller, Western Michigan

Total Passing Yards - Case Keenum, Houston (5,449 yards)....2. Levi Brown, Troy  3. Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame  4. Tyler Sheehan, Bowiling Green  5. Todd Reesing, Kansas

Rushing - Ryan Mathews, Fresno State (151.4 yards per game)....2. Toby Gerhart, Stanford  3. Dion Lewis, Pittsburgh  4. Donald Buckram, UTEP  5. Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech

All Purpose Runners - Damarius Johnson, Tulsa (2,693 yards).....2. Mardy Gilyard, Cincinnati  3. Brandon West, Western Michigan  4. CJ Spiller, Clemson  5. James Rodgers, Oregon State

Receiving yards - Danario Alexander, Missouri (1,644 yards).....2. Greg Salas, Hawaii  3. Freddie Barnes, Bowling Green  4. Golden Tate, Notre Dame  5. Jordan Shipley, Texas

Kickoff returns - Ray Fisher, Indiana (37.35 yards per return)....2. DJ Monroe, Texas  3. Dyrell Roberts, Virginia Tech  4. CJ Spiller, Clemson  5. Chris Owusu, Stanford

Punt returns - Greg Reid, Florida State (18.42 yards per return)....2. Trindon Holliday, LSU  3. Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma  4. Javier Arenas, Alabama  5. Emmanual Sanders, SMU

Field Goals - Leigh Tiffin, Alabama (2.23 made per game).....2. Kai Forbath, UCLA  3. Grant Ressel, Missouri  4. Justin Kahut, Oregon State  5. Hunter Lawrence, Texas

Punting - Drew Butler, Georgia (48.84 yards per punt)....2. Matt Dodge, East Carolina  3. Matt Reagan, Memphis  4. Tress Way, Oklahoma  5. Derek Epperson, Baylor

Tackles - Carmen Messina, LB, New Mexico (13.5 tackles per game).....2. Luke Kuechly, Boston College  3. Greg Jones, Michigan State  4. Lawrence Wilson, UConn  5. Pat Angerer, Iowa

Interceptions - Rahim Moore, UCLA (9)....2. DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson  3. Earl Thomas, Texas  4. Marcus Udell, MiddleTennessee  5. Brian Lainhart, Kent State

Sacks - Von Miller, Texas A&M (17).....2. Brandon Sharpe, Texas Tech, 3. Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue  4. Josh McNary, Army  5. Bruce Miller, Central Florida


So there they are, your 2009 statistical leaders...please see this link for the complete listings:

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