Dec 31

Hokies, Armed Forces Have Good Day

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Virginia Tech soundly defeated Tennessee, 37-14, in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, giving the ACC the win in this game for the first time in five tries. After a first half that showed this might be a game to go down to the end, VT stepped up and owned the second half by a score of 20-0 -showing once more that Tech's Bud Foster is perhaps the best DC in the game...Also, the Armed Forces had their best day bowl-wise in 24 years as two of the service schools earned bowl wins.

Chick-Fil-A Bowl. VT 37, Tennessee 14. 

These two schools were 0-8 in their last eight trips to Atlanta, so something had to give. VT was trying to avoid their third loss in Atlanta this season. After a first quarter that seemed to be all Hokies, the second quarter went mostly Tennessee's way, and at the half the score was 17-14, VT. The half actually ended with a spectacular pass-play bomb, then field goal by VT - all in under nine seconds.

In the second half, Tech wore down UT with a steady combination of Tyrod Talyor passing and Ryan Williams running. Taylor finished 10 for 17 for 209 yards passing, and 25 yards rushing and a td on the ground, while Williams had 117 yards and 2 touchdowns.

This game featured a Tennessee team that was middle of the pack SEC-wise against a Tech team that was probably the third best in the ACC. Is it a measuring stick game between the two conferences? Probably not. But it did show that VT dominated UT, and VT did not even win their division of the ACC Coastal. Say what you want about the ACC, but this showed that the league isn't as bad as folks want to say it is. The SEC is supposed to be untouchable, and this game was one-sided.

Yes, I understand UT is "down" so to say, but this isn't VT's best year, either.

Armed Forces Shine. Earlier in the day, Air Force straight up took it to Houston by a score of 47-20. Then, in the afternoon, Navy put one bad on Missouri, 35-13. This is the first time since 1985 that two service schools have had successful bowl outings in the same day. The craziest part of the day - to me - was how Air Force was able to intercept Kase Keenum of Houston six times. Yes, six!!!

I like how these schools have become a factor in college football. I could think of nothing cooler than seeing these teams be a real impact in the college game.

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