Jan 5

Boise Holds Off TCU - Let the Talk Begin!

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Boise State won the battle of the BCS-Busters, 17-10 over TCU (12-1), surely setting up the talk - again - for a restructuring of college football's postseason. And why shouldn't it be brought up? The Broncos (14-0) went undefeated for the second time in four years, and in my mind, deserve a piece of the national crown. They defeated TCU, the team that everyone said should have belonged in the BCS Title Game. Great game, BSU - time to celebrate a Fiesta Bowl victory!

Again, just as against Oklahoma in the 2006 Fiesta Bowl, the Broncos pulled some magic for the win. With the score tied at ten, and about eight minutes to play, Boise executed a fake punt to perfection, setting them up at midfield with a first down. They followed that up by punching the ball into the end zone, and then played solid defense to escape with the win. TCU had several chances to tie the game (or take the lead) at the end of the game, but quarterback Andy Dalton and crew couldn't get the ball all the way down field for the tying score, and BSU held on. An interception with under a minute to go sealed it for the Broncos.

For the game, TCU's excellent quarterback was held somewhat in check. He went 25 of 44 for 272 yards, but only found his team in the end zone once. His counterpart, Kellen Moore, went 23 of 39 for 211 yards, and no scores. But he led his team to a rushing touchdown and two field goals. With an INT return to start the game by Brandyn Thompson, this was enough points to once again see BSU finish in the top-3.

TCU, in my opinion, is still a certified top-5 team. This game was a classic, and proved that each of these two teams play and enjoy "big-time football" as much as any schools or conferences out there. Congrats, Horned Frogs, on an excellent season.

This game was very evenly matched, and exciting to watch. All I have now is hard feelings towards the BCS. Why not let these two teams get a crack at the "Big Boys?" You know why? Because the BCS was probably scared that both of these two fine teams would have won, making their system look (more) stupid. Instead, the BCS came out looking like geniouses for setting up this great game. However, with any stones at all from the BCS, these two teams would have been allowed to show that they could beat the Floridas, Georgia Techs and Ohio States of the World. We will never know, but my guess is that either of these two teams could play with and beat ANY of the BCS teams that qualified this year.

And yes, I mean Texas and Alabama, as well.

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