Jan 8

Any Questions?

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The Alabama Crimson Tide are the 2009 national champions. With a 37-21 thumping of number two Texas in the BCS Title Game, Alabama proved that they were the best team in college football in 2009. Yes, just two days ago I went on and on about how impressed I was with Boise State's win - and I certainly am. But I think with the fashion that Alabama defeated a team such as the Longhorns on such a big stage, there is very little doubt left that they are the top team in the land. 

After just five plays, Alabama's defense knocked college football's winningest quarterback , Colt McCoy, out of the game. Sadly, this surely had an impact on the game, but that is just the nature of the beast. In McCoy's abscence, freshman Garrett Gilbert played solid, but the Tide defense, again, was too much for him, as well. In the deciding play of the game, Bama's Eryk Anders sacked Gilbert hard, forcing a fumble, and putting the national championship back in Tuscaloossa.

The story of this game is the same as it has been for Alabama all season long. Solid defense and a running game that is tough to slow down led this team to their 8th national title (7th AP). Bear Bryant would have been proud.

I sincerely hate that McCoy was injured early in this game. I know that is all part of it, but he is one of the best college quarterbacks of this era, and his abscence surely changed the outcome. Now do not get me wrong, my hat is off to Alabama. They probably would have found a way to win regardless of McCoy playing or not. But it was disappointing to wait so long to see how McCoy would handle the Bama defense, and we never got to see anything. At the same time, you have to give credit to Bama for knocking him out. I can't imagine that it was intentional, just a hard hit that knocked him out of the game.

As for Boise, I would love nothing more than to see them play Alabama. I think it would be a fantastic game, I honestly do. BSU knows how to win, and I think they would give the Tide all they wanted and then some. But I wont get into that....For now, I will close the book on the 2009 season by saying "Congrats to Alabama - the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!"

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