Jan 10

Be A Man About It!

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In this 2009-2010 bowl season, a lot of games were accompanied by colder and sloppier weather conditions.  Even in the southern locations, such as Orlando, Florida, fans needed to dress in clothes that they were not really expecting to wear.  The fans, however, are not the focus of this topic.  I am here to discuss the complaintive players and the biased commentators that we had to  hear from.  I watched quite a few games where this was a concern, but I am going to keep this write up to the two that stuck out the most to me.  I am talking about the Champs Sports Bowl, and the Capital One Bowl. 

The first is not as much the players, as it is these commentators that keep trying to make excuses for the team that they apparently have favoritism for.  Did you watch the Champs Sports Bowl between the Wisconsin Badgers and Miami Hurricanes?  The commentators were Brad Nessler (play-by-play announcer) and Todd Blackledge (color commentary).  If you were able to catch this game, I am willing to bet that you lost count of how many times the commentators implied that the cold weather was the reason why Miami was losing.  Time after time, they pointed out that the Miami players were wearing long sleves and had  heaters on their sidelines, while the Wisconsin players were comfortable in short sleeves.

See, from listening to them, we now believe that the only reason why Wisconsin won is because they had the advantage of playing in more comfortable conditions than what the Miami players are use to.  Now, what if the shoe was on the other foot?  What if the weather was 88 degrees, and lets say that Miami had have won the game?  What would the commentators have said then?  I think we already know what they would have said.  They would have been calling it "proof" that southern teams are better than northern teams, it would have been "proof" that the Big 10 is a horrible conference, and all kinds of speed vs power myths would have become finalized.  So apparently, Wisconsin cheated to win this game.  The Badgers used their mystical powers to call upon mother nature to crank the air conditioner.  Come on, really?  By the way, just how cold was it?  A lip blistering, mucus drying, elbow ashing... 50 degrees.  Take that however you want it.

The second situation really is about the players.  It is not all players, but there is always at least one rotten apple out of the bunch that ruins it for everybody.  The Capitol One Bowl between Penn State and LSU saw conditions that were grimey, muddy, and nasty.  Hey, lets play football!  Apparently, some of the LSU players didn't want to get their nice clothes dirty.  LSU senior wide receiver, Brandon LaFell, complained...

"That was by far the worst field conditions I've ever seen in my life.  For them to say this is the best bowl outside the BCS, I would expect to play on the best field outside the BCS".

Riiiight, and for them to say this is one of the best teams outside the BCS, I would expect them to be a little less sissy.  Both of these teams had to play on the same field, didn't they?  I must have missed the part where the field crew came out and put down 100 yards of fresh turf and a retractable roof for whenever Penn State was on offense.  I guess Penn State cheated to win this game too.  Just the same as the Champs Sports Bowl, if LSU had have won this game, everyone would be calling it "proof" that Les Miles is the best coach since Tom Landry, "proof" that Penn State is overrated, and "proof" that LSU plays in the "best conference".  However, Penn State won, therefore the game must not have been fair.

If you're Brandon LaFell, you have to be embarrassed after going back and thinking about that statement.  Who makes the weather?  Answer that question.  Well, from what I believe, God makes the weather.  When did it become cool to blame God for you getting your butt whooped?  Indeed, the field conditions were not perfect, but that is nature.  They still had to play football, and at the end of the day, LSU got a mudhole stomped in them (Get it?  Mudhole?  You know, the field was wet and mud... nevermind).

What I am saying is this.  Be a man about it!  My advice for warm weather athletes is that their best bet would be to get use to it.  For the players who have an  ultimate goal to play professional football, they won't be able to avoid rough conditions.  They are likely to see their name on the roster of a team such as the Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots, Chicago Bears, etc.  They may even find themselves on the roster of the Pittsburgh Steelers, where their home, Heinz field, has been voted by players as the worst field in the league.   It is going to get cold.  It is going to rain.  We still have to play football!


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