Jan 22

Weekend Forecast

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Here in the Upstate of South Carolina, the forecast is for typical wet and cold winter weather. But on the sports tube, things will really be heating up. The NFL, college basketball and the Australian Open highlight the sports weekend ahead.

College Basketball Saturday Buffet. 20 (yes, 20!) of the top 25 teams in college basketball will be taking to the floor to defend their rankings Saturday. This includes number 1 Texas, who will be playing at number 21 UConn. At the same time that the Longhorns put their undefeated ranking on the line, the Wildcats of Kentucky will do the same - hosting Arkansas. 4:00 is a key time to watch your hoops Saturday!

Also, for the first time, Clemson will host ESPN's basketball version of "College Gameday." The show will begin at 11:00 am and pick back up at 8:00 pm, and with so many good games on, this should be a good one to tune into to get your fill of basketball wisdom. The crew is in town to see the number 16 Tigers square off against 6th ranked Duke. Both teams are coming off of losses: Duke to NC State, and Clemson to Georgia Tech.

Number 25 Ohio State travels over to Morgantown to face 12th ranked West Virginia in yet a third battle of top 25 teams in one day.

Review of the must-sees:

* 25 Ohio State at 12 West Virginia - 2:00 - CBS

* 1 Texas at 21 UConn - 4:00 - CBS

* Arkansas at 2 Kentucky - 4:00 - CBS

* College Gameday live from Clemson - 11:00 AM and 8:00 PM - ESPN

* 6 Duke at 16 Clemson - 9:00 - ESPN

The NFL Playoffs. Try as I might to be an NFL guru like I want to be, I just am not. However, with that said, I do truly enjoy the battles that the playoffs bring. This week, things come to a full heated boil as the AFC and NFC champions will be crowned, and our Super Bowl matchup will be determined...

AFC: Sunday, 3:00, CBS. NY Jets at Indianapolis Colts. The Colts come in at 15-2 and will seek payback for the Jets (11-7) ending their 23 game regular-season winning streak with a win last month as Indy was resting starters. This game is going to be rowdy in the dome, and I see very little way that Peyton Manning does not reach another Super Bowl. My prediction: Indianapolis, 37-29.

NFC: Sunday, 6:40, CBS, Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints. This has been the Brett Favre traveling circus all season long, and old number 4 now takes his team to New Orleans, where he has them one win away from a Super Bowl. Before the season, I thought Favre was a moron for wanting to come back yet again. But dang if the old dude can't still play, and if he wins another ring, I will be eating my words! However, I think the Saints have just a tad to much for the Vikings in Reggie Bush and Drew Brees, and the Vikings go down. My Prediction: New Orleans, 33-28.

The Australian Open. Ok, if there is one sport that I don't even need to attempt to try and get into, it is tennis. I have never played it in my life, and right now could probably only name a handful of players in both the women's and men's games. Having said that, I have found myself up late the last few nights watching folks like Raphael Nadal and Andy Roddick bang balls back and forth across the nets.

Like I said, I don't know much about tennis, but I know the Aussie Open is a big deal, and here are those still battling it out...

Women's: In the opening round of the women's draw, Russia's Maria Sharapova went down to fellow countrymate Maria Kirilenko. Many questioned Sharapova's prepration for this match...Other than Sharapova going down, the rest of the big names are still in contention as the ladies move into the round of 16, which is taking place now. For the USA, both Serena and Venus Willimas are left. Justine Henin of Belgium is another well known player still fighting it out. The local favorites are two Australians still in the hunt: Samantha Stosur, and Casey Dellacqua, who will play Venus Williams next.

Men's: The men are down to the round of 16, with a few matches still left in the round of 32. The biggest names are all still alive in the men's draw, including Switzerland's Roger Federer, USA's Andy Roddick, England's Andy Murray, Australia's Lleyton Hewitt and Spain's Raphael Nadal. Federer and Nadal are two of the greatest tennis players of all-time, and with the set up of the brackets, they could meet in the final.

So there it is folks - a weekend of sports sure to help the time go by with joy and excitement!

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