Jan 24

NFC Title Game Preview

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Here is my preview of The National Football Conference Championship game between The Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints.

For the visiting Minnesota Vikings. Like there were any doubts they were going to be here at the end. I mean seriously you would have told me that Brett Farve was going to join a team that already had a good defense and in my opinion one of the best running backs in the game today in AD Adrian Peterson like many Vikings fans felt that Farve is the final piece of the puzzle to get you to the Super Bowl. Well, here they are just one win away from reaching the promise land.

Now you have been a NFL champion back in 1969 and you have reached the Super Bowl three times in the Super Bowl era, however have come up short. Now more then ever this game for the Vikings could be there best chance to make it to Miami and Super Bowl 44.

Last week the Vikings just put a beatdown on the Dallas Cowboys and it was not even close. Farve threw for 4 TDs against a very good D in Dallas. Tony Romo had problems all day with the Vikings that blitz and pressure all game. Forcing him to fumbles and throwing picks. Now your run D is pretty strong and it will have to step up cause in a minute when I explain about the Saints. New Orleans has three strong backs.

Second, their passing game is unbelieveable. Now you can say it's all cause of Farve and that can be agreeable, however when you have three exciting young talented players like Sindey Rice, Percy Harvin and tightend Visanthe Shiancoe, then you have a great chance to win. Plus you also have to remember that they have Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor from the backfield.

Now let's talk about the home team the New Orleans Saints. What a story for them. I mean this is truly America's team I am going to say after Hurricane Katrina. What is there not to like about the Saints? It started when they got a new coach Sean Payton then getting Drew Brees as your starting quarterback and drafting Reggie Bush  - a great running back  - who was a Heisman Trophy winner from the University of Southern California. This has been a complete turn around from years ago. They were a losing team that at one time the owner was about to move the team out of New Orleans. Now this team was a couple of years ago one win away from reaching the Super Bowl, and now just a few years later are just one win away again.

Now let's get down to my favorite part and what my friends like when i get down to the stats and the X's and O's of the game. Pretty much we have a situation of both having almost similar success. From offense. The quarterbacks are the best in the game. So there is no advantage. Running backs same thing no real advantage but I give a slight edge to Saints cause of Mike Bell Pirere Thomas and Reggie Bush. As for the Recivers this is touch cause either team can kill you deep but I'll again go for Saints too many weapons.

As for my favorite position Defense. This is where the Vikings has a better front four then the Saints and secondary is all New Orleans.

A matchup that has the makings of the classic when this is all said and done. I believe that the New Orleans Saints will have enough fire power and will be able to clinch their first ever NFC Championship title and they will march on to Miami and Super bowl 44.

Vikings 31
Saints 35

Alright that's it for my NFC preview please come back tomorrow as i preview with the AFC. Now what do you think do you agree with me or do you think i am wrong. Please comment and until then you know the routine hugs and handpounds...I'm out.

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