Jan 25

Super Bowl is Set

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Super Bowl XLIV - New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts 

With Indianapolis defeating the NY Jets, and New Orleans finally hitting Brett Favre enough to put him and the Vikings away, we know now who will be in Miami for the biggest game of the year. This is the Saints' first appearance in the NFL's showcase event, while the Colts won a title just a few years back. Peyton Manning looks to cement himself as one of the game's all-time best quarterbacks with a win in two weeks.

Indianapolis 30, NY Jets 17 - NY came out firing via the deep ball, but in the end the Colts were just too much. Mark Sanchez played a very respectable game, showing that he was worth the hype he has had thrown at him. Sanchez will be one of the better quarterbacks in the league for years to come. But he didn't win the game, and that is all that matters. Instead, league veteran Manning and his Colts got the W, and they will be seeking their second World Title in four years.

Behind a rowdy home crowd, the Colts did not disappoint. In the end, blue and white ticker tape fell from the domed ceiling, and Manning accepted the Lamar Hunt Trophy on behalf of his team. The Colts are truly an elite team, and are my pick to win in Miami.

New Orleans 31, Minnesota 28 - OT - Brett Favre took a beating ALL night long, and in the end, it was this beat down that won the game for New Orleans. After getting roughly hit at least six times, Favre chose to throw (back across the field) instead of run late in the closing minutes of Sunday night's NFC title game, and he was picked off. His team could have won with a field goal, but instead the Vikings have now lost five straight NFC title matchups.

But this isn't a short write-up to diss on Favre. He played admirably, the Saints were just better in the end. Behind Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, and a nasty defense, the Saints are deserving of this win. They are a well-coached, well balanced team, and this sets up to be a great Super Bowl. This is a true comeback success story for the city of New Orleans, and a great coaching job by Sean Payton.

So there you have it, after 20 weeks of football we know that Super Bowl 44 will be New Orleans vs. Indianpolis!

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