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Vancouver Update, Fans25 Update

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Well, a lot has happened in the sports world over the last ten days, and a lot has happened with Fans25.com, as well. Let's recap...
The 2010 Olympics

The current leaders: USA (14 medals, 5 Golds), Germany (10 medals, 3 Golds), France (7 medals, 2 Golds), Canada (6 medals, 2 Golds) 
Most importantly, the Winter Olympics from Vancouver got kicked off. And while the games have turned out to be as fun to watch as most hoped they would be, they got started on a somber note with the unfortunate death of Georgian luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili. This accident showed just how daring and dangerous this sport is, and the risk these guys take by going 90 mph on frozen ice, around turns, and in this case, with unwanted consequences. This truly was a tragic event that will sadly be a conversation point for all times concerning these games.
On a brighter note, The torch lighting ceremony was highlighted by Wayne Gretzky. The eleven time NHL MVP was one of four torch-lighters that brought the flame into BC Place. This event cemented "The Great One" as the most beloved and decorated Canadian alive, and was very special to watch.
As we sit in day eight of the Olympics, the USA holds a medal count lead with fourteen total, five of which are golds. Up next is Germany with ten medals, followed by France with seven, and host Canada with six. The Canadians also have two golds on their home soil.

Let's hear it for Germany and France! These are not two of my favorite countries to cheer for to say the least. But, while you will never find me smiling when I see someone from either country on the podium, I do respect what they are able to do athletically. Besides being annual contenders in the World Cup's latest rounds in soccer (er, futbol), they are also ranked second and third in these Winter Olympics. Let's face it, they have very good atheltes over there, and have a very nice place to practice (the Alps).
My favorite event is the snowboarding half-pipe, which went down last night, and it did not disappoint! American Shaun White, "the Flying Tomato," lit up the air with his unreal tricks. He gains speed by going high into the pipe right from the start, and blows people away with his vertical ability. Last night he racked up scores of 46.8 and 48.4 en route to a smashing victory. Several contenders have big moves and show to be challengers down the road, but for now, White IS snowboarding.

And what a true Olympian and sport revolutionizer he is! Some will call him out for having long hair and saying words like "heavy" and "stoked" and "big." Some will say he is a skater dude that is lucky that he happened to like a sport that came of age. The fact is that while he is EXTREMELY popular after last night, before last night many viewed him as a publicity stunt, and are hesitant to get into newer events like snowboarding.

But whatever. I know I witnessed history last night as White smashed the field, and then nailed the "double mctwist 1260" he had been secretly practcing for months on his victory run with gold in his pocket. He went as high as 20 feet on his first jump of his final run, and then pulled the 1260 on his final trick of the night, landing despite not having the air he wanted as his lead in speed was less than usual for him. It was unreal, and the crowd went bananas!

But White is also a good character. I've never seen him in the headlines for anything but good, and last night on TV (and the many times I have watched him in the X Games, etc..) he has a good charisma and seems friendly. After last night's gold medal, he stood in the snow at the bottom of the Cypress Mountain run and screamed "USA!!!" as loud as he could with a smile going from one ear to the other. That is hard not to like.

Another American to win gold yesterday was Lindsey Vonn, in an equally captivating story. Vonn, who is the best in the world but had yet to place a gold medal in her trophy case, new it was her's to lose, but she had to execute. And execute she did. She posted a time of 1:44.19 seconds on what many call the toughest course they have yet to run.

Vonn had an injured shin, but she fought through the pain to put together the amazing run. She did it, too, interestingly enough, on men's skis. She is one of just a few women who are physically able to use them, and in this case they certainly helped her through the bumpy course.
The NBA All-Star Game draws 108,000 Plus!
Yes, the most attended basketball game in NBA history happened Sunday night as the East edged the West, 141-139, in front of 108,713 fans at Dallas/Fort Worth's Cowboys Stadium. With the NBA in serious talks of canceling games at some point in the future over financial nonsense, this was the kind of show the league really needed to put on. I know, I know, many of the fans were there simply for the fact of being in the new world-class venue. But they also saw a very entertaining All-star game packed full of big-time players.

The scoring was ridiculously high, but at times, it appeared as if guys were actually trying! Dwayne Wade took home the MVP, after distracting Carmelo Anthony at the buzzer to miss the game winner. Wade had 28 points and 11 assists on the night.
Fans25 Upgrades
We had the site down for a short while so the guys could do some behind-the-scenes things to it. This evening there will be a few things moved around on the main page, and the logo wil introduce a new slogan, "College Football And So Much More!"...Several fans had requested that we recognize that we talk other sports, as well....
"Throw-them-BoNes" - one of Fans25's very best fans - is back! Yes, after a hiatus of almost a year, BoNes is back to do what he does best: keep the Fans25 message boards fun to visit! So look for TTB on the boards, and welcome him back with open arms...
TV. Yep, we're gonna be on TV. The folks at Fans25 have teamed up with Reel Video to produce a commercial to air on ESPN2 in the upper regions of South Carolina in March and again in August. StuDawg, Common Sense, MissTriDeltTiger, myself, and a couple of others will star in the commercial. When it is finished, I will post it up on the site...
Again, sorry the site has been down, but it is back up now, so please chime on back in!

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