Mar 10

Just Wait

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If you thought Tiger Woods was big before, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

I am not about to begin to even try to discuss the morality side of this Tiger Woods saga. I honestly am not interested in his love life, and I - nor do any of us - have the facts needed in entirety to make such a decision. Heaven knows what the media has kept from us or fed to us too much. Yes, it is often neat to know the personal side of an athlete, but privacy is more important to some folks than others. Right or wrong, Woods will continue to be on the front page of websites and newspaper sports pages until he retires.

The man is among the most media-crazed figures walking planet Earth, and that is only going to exponentiate when the official announcement comes soon that he will be back on a golf course playing competitively on the PGA Tour. No one knows for certain when that announcement will be made from the Woods camp, but when it does arrive, you can bet the sports world will officially be on Tiger time.

Before all of this, Woods was easily the most popular figure in golf - if not entire sport. He was often heckled on courses, but it was more in jest as people clearly respected his game, and those heckles were drowned out by the thunderous roars from his legions of followers. Old ladies, young kids, middle-aged folks, black, white, short, tall - it didn't matter, Tiger was beloved and if you wanted to see him play a hole, you had to get to that hole hours before to get a decent spot.

That will not change, it will only get stronger, and that is the point of this short article. When he comes back, Tiger Woods may be a new character in the cartoon of sport, but his degree of interest from the common fan will be even greater. He may not be as loved as he was before (at least not right away), but he will be as tough-a-ticket as it gets.

Like I said, I don't want to know Tiger's personal story, and I'm not saying that because I want to be a fan of his soooo bad. I just don't care. I just want to see him out there shooting for Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 majors. All I'm saying is that if you got tired of the media frenzy over Tiger Woods before all of this, then you may not want to open your laptop or cut on your TV until golf season is over.

Let's face it: Woods is about to announce he is back, and the sports universe is going to be thrown into some kind of golfing black hole.

Set up for a great story? Or the decline of a legend? The pressure is there.

Pressure. Tiger Woods has proved time and again that he knows how to handle the pressure of winning at the sport's top level. He has sank more critical putts at critical times than any player alive right now. He is Mr. Pressure - and it's a good thing!

He will be under tremendous pressure now. He will have his hecklers alright, and a bunch of them. He will have his critics, and a bunch of them. And he will have guys on Tour that want to beat him worse now than they ever did before, and there will be a bunch of them. But - on a golf course - Tiger Woods knows how to handle pressure better than anyone, and if he can keep Elin out of his head, then it will not be long before he is known once again as being the best golfer in the world, and not just this newfound image of being an unloyal husband with a sex addiction.

The same things apply to golf as they did before, and it just so happens that Woods is the best on Earth at those things. He knows how to read greens, he knows how to hit shots others cannot, he can putt with the best ever, he is fiercely competitive, and he is no - with 13 years on Tour under his belt - very experienced. He will need those things to pull this off, but those things will be there. It's about him and his execution.

My personal feeling is that he is going to come back and go on a tear. I think he will use golf as his outlet for all of this, and he will remind people why he got to be so famous in the first place. If he wasn't so damn good at what he does, America wouldn't have cared about this recent saga to begin with. Sad, but true. 

Will he come back and win them all? No. There are too many good players out there for that. But the best player out there is Tiger, and you can bet he will get his fair share. You can also bet the media circus surrounding him is about to be something like we have never seen before...

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