Mar 11

No More Excuses

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Recently, I have been excited about getting to see a fully healthy Detroit Red Wings roster on the ice for the first time in what seems like an eternity.  This has been an injury plagued season in Hockeytown, and the Wings spent much of the past months hanging on by a thread to that last Western Conference playoff spot.  On Tuesday night, the Wings played the Calgary Flames, in a game that was suppose to show the NHL what the Wings can do with a full arsenal.  It would be the first time the Wings would field three scoring lines for the for the first time since week 1.

So what exactly did the Wings do with that fully loaded arsenal?  Well, let me put it like this.  Before this game, Detroit owned a playoff spot.  After the game, Detroit doesn't own a playoff spot.  Calgary won the game 4-2  Ok, Red Wings.  It is put up or shut up time.  That goes for us too, Red Wing fans.  We have all of our players back on the ice now.  We need to spend less time complaining about injuries, and more time pushing this team.  No more excuses.

I was especially embarrassed by an article by LZ Granderson in which he entitled, "Blame Canada".  The main idea of his article suggests Detroit is struggling this season because the players and head coach spent so much time preparing for the Olympics.  That is a poor excuse if I ever heard one. Detroit is not the only team in the league to be playing in a compressed season due to the Olympics.  So I have no idea how he decides to single the Wings out.

-  The Vancouver Canucks had just as many players participate in the Olympics as Detroit.  Vancouver is currently 3rd place in the Western Conference playoff race with 84 points.

-  The San Jose Sharks had more players participate in the Olympics than Detroit.  San Jose is currently sitting in first place in the Western Conference playoff race with a 42-14 record and 93 points!

In Granderson's article, he also suggests that since Detroit coach, Mike Babcock, was selected as the coach of the Canadian Olympic team then he couldn't keep his NHL team focused because of the pressure he faced back home to make sure his national team won.  However, Mike Babcock was not the only NHL coach in the Olympics.

-  Lindy Ruff, coach of the Buffalo Sabres, was associate coach of the Canadian team.  His team is looking pretty good.  First place in the Northeast division and set up pretty good for the playoffs, currently in 3rd place.

-  Jacques Lemaire, coach of the New Jersey Devils.  Also an associate coach during the Vancouver games for Canada.  His team is neck and neck with Buffalo in the Eastern playoff race.

So again, poor excuse.  Articles like "Blame Canada" are the last thing we need when the NHL is already considering to not allow its players to participate in the Olympics anymore.

Look, I'm not one of those hockey fans that makes a hobby out of telling random people, "You don't know what you're talking about!  You don't know anything about hockey!  ROAR!"  That is the most annoying thing about hockey fans.  All I'm saying to LZ Granderson is to not embarrass my team like that.  We are not about to "blame canada" for anything.  These are grown men, don't treat them like babies.  If you were just trying to help, then thanks, but no thanks.

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