Mar 15

NCAA Tournament Challenge on!

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Please join us in the hoops challenge! Ok fans, it's time to play the NCAA hoops challenge here on for the 2010 tournament! Unlike some big fancy sites, we do not have a bracket you can fill out (remember, we were born in college football, and until they have a playoff, then, well....). However, we use the same points system as most bracket challenges, so just email me your picks, and you are in! There is no entry fee, and you could win a $100 sports memorabilia item or a fans25 t-shirt! Just read below to learn more about how to be in our contest!

To play, just email me when you are ready with your picks. It is

Here is how I would like the emails to look:

First round winners (32) - list your 32 winners

Second round winners (16) - list your 16 winners

Third round winners (8) - list your 8 winners

Fourth round winners (4) - list your 4 winners

Fifth round winners (2) - list your two winners

Sixth round winner (1) - list your champ

That's it!!

Again, I will put all the entries up at the same time, in the same Fans25 forum thread, Thursday, so nobody can see anyone else's picks before then...The points system is 1 point for first round win, 2 points for second round win, 3 points for third round win, 4 points for fourth round win, 5 points for fifth round win, and 10 points for picking the right champion.....All are responsible for keeping up with their own points, but they will be able to be double-checked in the end, as they will all be in the previously mentioned forum thread...Please have 'em in by Thursday's first game....

Thanks for playing!

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