Mar 20

Do We Really Need the Seed?

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags:

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As I watched these games the last couple of days (and certainly will all day today and tomorrow if possible), I have noticed one thing: we don't need to seed the teams!

Ok, maybe award the best teams in the land with a bye or something in round one. But as for seeding, forget it. In the opening round of this year's tournament, there were eleven "upsets" where the lower seeded team won. Eleven. Eleven out of thirty-two games. Folks, that means in one-third of the games played, the committee missed on who they thought was the stronger team.

I say it doesn't matter, anyway. I think the committee does a pretty good job finding the best 64 (er, 65) teams, I just think they have no clue where to go from there. Seeming how the numbers one and two seeds are the rarest of the rare to go down in the first round, I say that those are the only teams that should receive seeds (or byes). 

The NCAA is talking once again about restructuring the tournament to possibly bring in more teams, so now is the time they should do away with seeding while they're at it! Sure, award the "best" eight teams with a bye in the opening round. Make 'em feel special with an "elite team" tag coming in to the Dance. Whatever.

But after that, I say seeding is pointless.

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