Apr 2

Irony At Its Finest

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags:

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The NCAA is strongly considering expanding the field of teams for its postseason basketball tournament from 65 to 96. It has been publicly said - by several people - that money is the driving factor. So I find it ironic beyond words that this same group will not even consider a playoff for college football. And you know this must certainly be a done deal. Otherwise, why would they make such a strong public announcement about it? Sometimes I wonder about this world that I live in, and this is certainly one of those times.

You know, deep down, I don't give much of a damn if the NCAA expanded to 96 or 192. Whatever. Hell, it isn't like we have been at 65 teams forever, and my blood gets boiling more over college football than college hoops, anyway. The event started at 8 teams, moved to 16 teams in the 1950's, and then expanded again in the 70's to 32, and then again to 48 in 1979. In the 80's they wouldn't leave it alone, changing the event to 52, 53, and then finally 64 teams in 1985. Then they added that silly little 65th team that I never quite understood  in 2001 (Hey guys, win this one and we get to get massacred on national TV in round 1. Yeah!!).

But this is greed. All you ever hear about is that the NCAA tournament, as it is now, is perhaps the top sports event of the year. If that is taking it too high, then you can certainly say it is probably the top college sports event of the year. So why mess with it? Money.

The NCAA knows it can slide in an extra two days worth of TV viewing under the proposed 96 team format, so they are out to soak up every penny they can. Yeah, they may pick up a few more bucks from CBS or whatever station picks this up, but I think it waters down the tournament.

Honestly, I just don't see the point. 65 teams was PLENTY. Let's remember here folks: the idea is to decide our national champion. If a team could not make the field of 65, then they didn't deserve a shot at a national title to begin with. Now, with 96 teams, there will be teams in there that have no value at all. Why do I want to watch a number 24 seed play anybody? I wouldn't.

And this leads me to the title of this article. The NCAA has publicly said that this has to do with revenue. They have studied it and studied it and studied it, and they are certain that adding another round (with select byes), will make both them and CBS (most-likely), a bit more money than the tournament makes them now.

HELLO!!!!! Are they so dumb, and so blind, that they cannot see what a college football playoff would make??? A 16-team college football playoff would put a 65-team (or 96-team or whatever) college basketball playoff to shame! This isn't arguable. Just look at the ratings for the BCS games, and then imagine that those BCS games actually meant something. It would be off the charts!

So why the irony, NCAA? Why do you mess with the basketball tournament (that doesn't need fixing), and let the college football non-playoff system (that needs major fixing) continue to haunt us? Why do you leave so many millions of dollars on the table in college football, yet milk the basketball tournament for all the nickles and dimes that you can? Why does basketball get to have a clear-cut, non-disputed national champion each year while football has to settle for arguing over strength of schedules and who-woulda-beat-who?

NCAA, I challenge you. Please don't be so dumb. Like I said, I'm not a huge hoops fan, so I won't lose sleep whether it expands to 96 teams or does not. But I am a huge college football fan, and I want my college football playoff, now!

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