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Phil Mickelson won his third Masters championship, and secured himself among the greats of all-time. He most-likely will never become a challenger for the major record held by Jack Nicklaus, but he is as popular as they get. I could go on and on about his wife, Amy, being there by his side on the 18th green, but this story is more about someone who has an incredible game, and more specifically an incredible short-game. This Masters had it all, and in the end, the right man won.

Needless to say - Tiger fan or not - we had all had our fill of El Tigro leading up to this past Thursday. And, to Woods' credit, he played very well. But this tournament has to be about Mickelson. He had a lot on his mind, and he didn't let his superb play take back-seat to the things going on in his life off of the course. He won by a convincing three strokes, proving that there one was no-one in this tournament capable of keeping up with him. Mickelson's short-game is truly one of the best ever, and at Augusta, that is huge.

The competitiors were many. Fred Couples - another player who is among the most popular ever - was a contender at the age of fifty. So were a couple of foreigners in Lee Westwood of England and KJ Choi of South Korea. And then there was Anthony Kim, a player who will certainly own a few majors in his career in time. Woods also made a run at certain times on Saturday and Sunday. But in the end, it was Phil.

It took me a while to open up to Phil, but I think this year did it. It isn't that I didn't like him before, but it was that all you ever heard about was Tiger vs. Phil, and blah, blah, blah. And I also think he could get his sponsors and his fashion designers to get hime some shirts that are a little bit looser in the man-boob area, but that is a whole different story. He is a GREAT GUY, we get it.

But that is what is cool, I suppose. Phil really is a great guy. I know if he came out next Tuesday and said that he, too, was going through some extra-marital affiars, we would all be shocked, but after what happens in this insane, whacked-out world, we wouldn't take it like the end of time. But that isn't gonna happen. Crazy as it seems, I think Ol' Phil really is that great guy that we should all start looking at as the best in the world in golf and as a role model.

I know, I know, Tiger is the best in the world. I know. But Tiger has proven that he is human, and as of right this minute, Mickelson seems to be the best golfer out there.

This Masters was exhausting. There were more storylines than I can begin to sum up right this second. But with three Green Jackets and four major championships, Mickelson must begin to start to be mentioned in the talks of some of the greatest of all-time. He is young at the age of 39. Do not be surprised if he too makes an outside run at Jack's record before it is all said and done.

Congrats, Phil.

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