Apr 21

Elin Jets Home...

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I will admit, the only news I have heard about what I am about to write about came on a local sports radio station last night, and a Yahoo news story this morning. But the issue at hand here is that of Elin Woods leaving the country with the couple's two young children, Sam and Charlie. Apparently, if the story is true, Elin and the two children are already in Sweden. The question now is whether Elin is simply visiting her home country, or trying to pull some sort of full custody move to keep her kids in Sweden. This may not be a story at all, but I have a hunch that it is...

As far as law goes, I struggle. But I do know this, in some situations, both now and in the past, once a person's feet hit the ground in another country, a whole new world of law opens up. Examples are such as back when East and West Germany were seperate, and in the the US still today when a Mexican immigrant sneaks across. I would imagine that with the children's feet now planted firmly on Swedish soil, if Elin got a crazy nerve to not ever come back stateside, she could legally delay this for quite some time (perhaps years).

Ya know, she may just be going home to get some comfort food and to show off the kids to her family, but I get a feeling there is more to this. Like I have stated before, I just want to see Tiger on the golf course, competing for major trophies. But at the same time, this interests me as it would surely have a major impact on his concentration both in preparation and on gameday. Elin has probably had friends and family hounding her for weeks to leave Tiger, and she may have decided to do so. It is public knowledge she was recently seen in the company of a divorce lawyer. In my opinion, a divorce would be the best option for the couple.

Apparently, in a Yahoo news report this morning, Elin is mad because Tiger is working on his golf instead of the marriage, and Elin has had enough (again, according to a Yahoo report via an Elin friend). Let's see Elin, Woods pays the bills by playing golf, and you are mad because he is working hard at this? I'm guessing Elin has been a bitch since day one, and Tiger was the one who had had enough. An infidel? Yeah. Living with a total bitch to drive you to that point? Probably.

So now all we can do is try to keep up with this. I see both sides. Elin is pissed. She was humiliated publicly like noone ever before, and also lost what she thought was the man of her dreams. And Tiger, despite his wrong actions, is still trying to keep his family together and has also been ripped apart publicly. They both deep down feel they should be with their children.

I hope this doesnt turn into an ordeal. I hope Elin comes back after a short stay. I hope that we do not have to hear about this on the news right and left with Jesse Jackson speaking out and blah, blah, blah. But for some odd reason, after what Elin went through, it really wouldn't surprise me if this was bad news for Tiger. Supposedly - according to the radio report - Elin has been trying to put this trip together for weeks, and Tiger has several times blocked the voyage one way or another and is not happy about this in any form. If that alone is true, this could be bad news for El Tigro....

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