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NFL Draft 2010

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The opening day of the 2010 NFL Draft is history, and historical it certainly will be! Oklahoma grabbed three of the top four picks - surely some kind of first - and Tim Tebow did, indeed, become a first-round draft pick. Ndamukong Suh, the Nebraska defensive linemen who is feared by all, went second to the Detroit Lions after OU''s former quarterback, Sam Bradford, went first to the Rams. The big news around my parts revolved around CJ Spiller, the Clemson running back who was chosen ninth by Buffalo. This years''s draft has no doubt been shaken up a bit with ESPN moving the event to prime-time.... (We have an apostrophe issue we are working out. Thanks for looking past.)

I like the excitement around this year''s draft. Now, with that said, I will also admit that if Spiller were not such a high pick, I probably wouldn''t have watched it as closely, but still, it seems more exciting than normal. Having it at Radio City Music Hall puts it in the center of the known universe, and gives it an extra bit of flavor. It was very well done and ESPN''s graphics are just amazing, no matter what I think of their biasness at times.

One thing I did like better about the past, though, is that  the players found out their team when the Commisioner announced it. One of my favorite parts of the draft used to be seeing player reactions when their name was called. But still, they get pretty excited on the phone, and it is just seconds before the real announcement on stage. And the shots from back home (with friends piling all over each other for camera time) just never get old!

One person at the center of discussion in this year''s draft is Tim Tebow. Some like him and some cannot stand him. Some think he is a great humanitarian while others think he is full of complete crap. Some like his passion, others think he is cheesy....Regardless of what you think, he left college with two national titles and a Heisman Trophy. But playing pro football is way different, and the Bronco fans reactions just right here on Fans25 were mixed....

Here is a message board post from our very own "Common Sense" (Ashton Williams) on the Tim Tebow pick up by his favortite team, Denver.

Common Sense:

"Why me? You know, I really was enjoying the draft. I really was. I got to see my boy Brandon Graham get drafted with Philly''s 1st round pick. I salute you, BG. Good luck in everything you do. GO BLUE!  I really was enjoying the draft. Before that, I saw one of the most electrifying players I''ve ever seen in person, CJ Spiller, get drafted by the Bills. I can say that I saw him. Yeah, its still a big deal to me when I see pro or future pro athletes in person.

Man, I was having fun and enjoying the draft.  I mean, I was so anxious because my favorite team was going to draft Dez Bryant, wide receiver from OK State.  You all know, if you''ve seen any of my posts about Dez, you know I think the world of him.  Well, we traded down a few spots and didn''t take him.  Hmm... interesting.  So I thought, maybe he''ll still be around when we do pick.  So the time came for us to draft him again.  Still didn''t pick him, but we traded down again.  So i thought to myself, "Oh I see, we''re collecting more picks for later rounds.  Ok, I like that!".  I mean, we was wheeling and dealing, collecting more picks than a cornerback against Brett Favre in the 4th quarter of a playoff game.  Crazy picks!

I was happy.  I was enjoying the draft like a binge drinker at a keg party.  The only thing that was getting annoying was that every now and then they would keep talking about Tim Tebow and if somebody would take a chance on him in the first round.  Geez, of course not!  Not even Josh McDaniels and Pat Bowlen would do something that stupid.  LOL!

I saw my boy Dez get drafted by Jerry Jones.  I was happy for him.  And then... I don''t know if I picked up a coin that landed on tails, or if I broke a mirror when I was a child, or what.  But news breaks that Denver had traded up.  After trading down twice, now we trading up?  All of a sudden, I wasn''t having fun anymore.  I was not enjoying the draft.  I knew something miraculously stupid was about to happen, and it did.  These FOOLS traded away 3 of our picks to move up and draft Tim freakin Tebow in the first round!!!

Look at some of these text messages I''m getting: 

- "Good luck with Tebow!  LOL!!!"

- "Don''t feel bad.  Tebow might take yall boys to the super bowl.  SIKE!"

You wanna know whats really bad?  That 2nd message was from a Florida fan!

Why me?  Coop, tell me something man.  Why me?  Believe when I admit that I was so mad last night I had tears in my eyes about to cry.  I''m a 30 year old man sitting there about to cry over football.  I told Top, I haven''t been this mad about something in sports since the App State game.  Real talk, man.  Then, just for another smack in the back of the head, I got an update on the Blazers vs. Suns game.  Yeah, the Blazers were down by darn near 30 points.

I don''t know man.  Maybe this is a sign telling me that I''m doing something wrong. Maybe I done something really wrong in a past life.  Or maybe my loyalty is just being tested.  I don''t know.  I gotta get ready for work.  I''ll holla at ya''ll later on.  Peace."

When I first heard they had drafted Tebow I texted ole'' Common to see how he was doing. Where was he? Out for a drive blowing off steam.....That, my friends, is truly good stuff!

Day Two starts today at 6:00 EST......

* Please note I do not know why an extra apostrophe was added each time I used one...Thanks!

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