May 23

Orlando Taps Out

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Boston is so good, to the point that they make teams quit.  Remember the final game of the 2008 NBA Finals?  Boston made the Lakers quit.  Remember the final game of round 2 of this season's Eastern Conference playoffs?  Boston vs. Cleveland?  The Celtics made the Cavaliers quit!  Now, just look at this crap of a product that Stan Van Gundy is sending out on the floor.  The Magic's performance in Game 3 showed how much they wanted to win this series.  They don't.  This is the Conference Finals!  This is suppose to be the defending conference champions!  We've already drawn the conclusion that Boston is darn good, but can I get a little more effort?

Heck, can I get any effort at all???  The Magic came into this series down 2 games to 0.  Their back's were against the wall.  Instead of coming out swinging, they layed down on the street and put their mouth on the curb.  Orlando scored 12 points in the 1st quarter, and 13 points in the 3rd.  Pathetic.  They were down by 25 points by the first Budweiser commercial. 

The 3 top performers in this game were all Celtics.  Ray Allen had 14 points, 6 rebounds, and 6 assists.  Glen "Big Baby" Davis looked absolutely great, putting in 17 points and 6 rebounds.  Paul Pierce, always the Truth, brought 15 points and 9 boards.  What about Orlando?  Don't they have "Superman"?  Yeah, Dwight Howard was 3-10 from the floor and 1-4 from the charity stripe.  A grand total of 7 points.  The all important Rashard Lewis was even worse with his 4 points, and 0-4 three-point effort.  As a team, Orlando was 8-30 from 3 point range.

This is the thing that teams are not realising about the Celtics.  You may not be able to beat them, and you know it in your heart.  However, hiding in a corner and curling up in a fetal position is not going to make the Celtics lighten up.  That makes them play even harder, and they will try even harder to embarrass you.  Realize that if you quit, then you will be ridiculed.  Chances are slim and none that Orlando will come back in this series.  However, they have one more chance to redeem their name.  Will they go out on their feet?  We will find out Monday night.

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