May 25

100 Days....

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I will admit that watching the NBA playoffs does not get my blood boiling the same way that college football does. And yes, I really enjoy the MLB, but not to the point of painting my face or wearing special boxers on gameday. And even college baseball, as much as I love it, does not hold a candle to what goes down on a Saturday night in the fall...You see, it takes an extra bit of emotion to get to the point of wanting to go public with your thoughts, and thus I apologize as of late for not blogging on a daily basis. I did my best through the spring, writing about the PGA, baseball getting rolling, etc. But as of late, my mind has really hit a road-block. As we all know, college football is what drives this website, and fans, I am happy to say it is just 100 days away!
Now, for you nerds out there, you will count and see that it is actually 102 days until the first Saturday of games. But know this: 48 hours prior to kickoff, I am usually a worthless existence. I watch re-runs, I read websites, I talk on the phone way too long with Dcomitch, and I iron shirts that I haven't worn since last season. I might as well be at my seat in Death Valley. It is pathetic for a 31-year old to admit.
But that is 100 days away, and I am calling out to you guys to rally around this article, and let's band together and get through. Let's try our best to talk other sports and keep our community of message board folk together. WE CAN DO THIS.
Thankfully, this summer gives us a special treat in the World Cup. That is a HUGE bonus in passing the time that is only blessed upon us once every four years. While I fully expect the US to be eliminated very quickly, the event in its entirety is great to watch. As long as ESPN doesn't feed us too much Alexi Lalas (which will probably happen) from the booth, we should be fine. And the US comment was half joking as I think we have our strongest chance of making the round of 16 as we have had in a long time. We'll see.
Outside of the World Cup, the road to Omaha is the next biggest thing. I am super stoked all of the sudden about the Tigers of Clemson who were seemingly fading into the abyss a week ago. They swept top 10 FSU in the final weekend of the season to win their division out of nowhere as it seemed the Seminoles had it locked up (needing just one win in three games). I would say a strong ACC tournament showing would have them looking to host a regional, but with Coastal Carolina and South Carolina both in the top 10, it will be tricky to get three regionals in the same state. Texas is the top team in the land, and the ACC and SEC dominate the polls after that.
I am starting to dig in to my research on all of the teams, and want to come out with my poll before the AP and Coaches polls come out. But I have to wait until after the MLB draft to see if my man Kyle Parker decides to return (he technically has until classes start in August, but I feel he will announce sooner). That also gives me time to see what teams make it through the summer without their secondary getting thrown in jail or hurt playing basketball. So I am researching now in the magazines and surfing websites.
100 days. So how will you handle it? Just think, that is just under 14 weeks, or just over 3 months. Does that make it seem longer away? Or shorter away? Another way to look at it is as 70 work days away (that didn't help, huh?), or as 28 weekend days away (rock on!). But no matter how you slice it, it is 100 days away...

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