Jun 12

Super Sports Saturday!

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Photo: US soccer

Saturday, June 12th 2010: An awesome sports day. On Saturdays that do not fall between August and December, you will see me out and about doing just about anything other than watching TV. But on this non-football Saturday, things will be different. For on this Saturday, which is now five minutes old, I will be glued to my tube, entranced by the competition of sports at three different levels, in two different sports, with most of the action being PLAYOFF ACTION. Bliss, my friends. Bliss.

7:30 AM - As I roll out of bed and get the day going, I will switch to the living room TV to watch the World Cup game between Greece and South Korea (ESPN is on 24-7 in my room, just muted at times). I don't have a dog in this fight, but in pool play, this game will factor in. Both teams qualified for the Cup, so you know they can kick it around some....I volunteer at the local animal shelter some days, so I won't get to see the second WC game of the day tomorrow between Argentina and Nigeria (should be an Argentine blowout anyway). This Greece-South Korea game will be a nice warm-up for soccer to get the day going...

Noon - My dad is driving up from Columbia for the day, and I'm guessing I'll see him show up in his old truck around noon. He has already told me he has been scoping out the college football magazines at his local Books-A-Million, so I won't be surprised a bit if he shows up at the house with two or three of those in hand (thoroughly read, no doubt). With the magazines and all of this expansion news going on, Tiger75, Pilot1003 and I will probably see noon to the start of the US soccer game filled with solid, heart-driven college football discussion....

2:30 PM - As a college football self-proclaimed "Top Fan," it is scary to announce publicly that I am so excited about a futbol game, but so it is. This is the World Cup, Baby. The World Freakin' Cup. It's time to strap one on and show these other pitiful excuses for "nations" just what the hell is up. It's time to kick some ass and take some names. It's America against the world - literally. Isn't that what we all want, anyway?!?! Come on folks, here is your chance to scream like hell at Britain. None of us like those stupid accents and we all know British food sucks. Across the pond they look down at us Yanks even though we kicked their ass to gain our freedom from them. I hope we beat 'em 5-0. 

Nobody thinks we will win tomorrow. Nobody. England is a World Cup knockout round regular, whereas the US never wins games in the event. This time around is no different. England is favored as basically the entire squad plays in the Premier League - one of the best pro leagues in the world. But the Americans are strong, as well, with eight guys who play in the same league, and many others who have immense talent. Everyone knows of Landon Donovan - the big name on the US squad. He is one of those Premier League players (Everton), and he is determined to provide the veteran leadership needed to advance this team.

I really cannot wait. For some, soccer can be hard to watch for 90 minutes as the scoring is minimal. But the athletes are truly unreal, and in this event, national pride is at stake. That makes these games intense and REAL. This only comes around every four years, and the importance of soccer world-wide can be a bridge between people, so I encourage you to keep up wth it. The World Cup is a very special thing, and I hope the US can make a splash this time around.

6:00 PM - Another thing rolling around for the first time in four years is Clemson hosting a Super Regional. And though Doug Kingsmore Stadium is just 35 minutes from mi casa, we will probably watch the game on TV and grill out (I am supposed to have tickets for Sunday's game, but we will see). By this time, I will either be jubilant over our soccer performance over England, or disappointed and thinking this World Cup will go like every other we have been in since Uncle Sam formed a team. Either way - cold summer beverage in hand - we will be ready to watch the Tigers and Tide battle for one of the eight spots in Omaha.

Yes, it is a 3-game series, and tomorrow's game means a lead, not a win, but it is still important. Win, and you just have to split the next two. Lose, and all of the sudden you have to sweep the next two games. It has an impact on pitching more than anything else. All I know is that my dream of seeing Clemson dog-pile on the mound at Rosenblatt Stadium is still alive, and even with one of the least talked about teams in recent memory, the Tigers could still do it...

7:10 PM - The Atlanta Braves are one of the hottest teams in baseball, and right now they are in inter-league play with the Twins. While it would make more sense to me to have the NBA Finals on Saturday night making for a two day break, the NBA opted for game five to be Sunday night, just as they did after game one in LA. Why? I have no 'freakin clue, but they did. Luckily, my epic sports watching day will not come to an end until at least ten o'clock or so thanks to the Atlanta Braves. Following Friday night's loss, the Braves maintain a 1.5 game lead in the NL East and will have 15 out of 18 games at home after this series in Minnesota.

11:00 - It is unpredictable at this point of whether or not I will be doing an article to summarize what will go down on this Saturday-to-surely-be-remembered. I intend to. But that doesn't mean it will happen. Around 11 pm there is little doubt that SportsCenter will be on, and I will be seeing for the 33rd time the replays of the plays that I watched live earlier that day. My dog - who is spoiled beyond words on normal days - will be staring at me in misery wondering why this beautiful day didn't see him chasing squirrels on our daily run through the woods...

Yes folks, this Saturday ahead (after I go to sleep and wake back up for Greece-South Korea) is going to be a good one. Be sure to make time for the soccer game if nothing else....My mind will be tired, and hopefully it will be of good memories. I have three teams to cheer for today, so there will be a winning or losing record for the day - no tie like in World Cup pool play!

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