Jun 18

World Cup - 9:30 AM!

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: world cup, soccer

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USA vs Slovenia - 9:30 AM Eastern, Friday - ABC - After a thrilling Game seven, the Lakers and Celtics have closed the door on the 2010 NBA season with LA taking home their second ring in as many years. Now we can focus on the World Cup and Omaha, with the World Cup being up next (CWS gets underway Saturday)....The United States takes on Slovenia in the USA's second game out of three in Group C play. This is a most important second game as the group is in a jumbled mess. A win would give the Americans the group lead. A loss would spell almost certain elimination following group play. For those of you that did know, Slovenia is in Europe...

The Americans were lucky to get a tie with England - or were they? While many will always remember the slip up by Robert Green in goal for England, the fact is the US had 13 shots on goal, four corners and possesion of the ball 46% of the time - not terrible at all, and quite competitive with the world's number three. So they highly believe they should win tomorrow's game. Then again, a loss would place them in very familiar company with failed US World Cup teams of past. The mental aspect may be the toughest to break...

As for Slovenia, a win would send them into the round of 16 regardless of what would happen in their third game with England (June 23rd). If you are cheering for the Stars and Stripes, you must hope that Slovenia is looking ahead to the knockout rounds before taking care of business. A loss to the US would put them in a must-win versus England - a situation they certainly do not want...

As for the vuvuzela horns, the TV noise is slightly less as ESPN supposedly has cut back on its field microphones after gobs and gobs of fan complaints and bad pub. Personally, I started off hating them, but have since grown used to the constant humming. Do I like it? No, not really. But can I tolerate it now and see the culture and special-effect in it? Sure, why not.

So tune in at 9:30 on ESPN (ABC) and let's see if the US can get another step closer to world soccer respectability!



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