Jul 2

I. Don't. Care!!!

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers, Free Agent

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This LeBron James talk makes me want to throw up.

Would someone please remind me again who the current world champs are? That's right, it's the Lakers. And the year before that? Ah, the Lakers again. And the year before that? Hmm, Celtics this time. What about in 2007, 2006 and 2005? It was the Spurs, the Heat, and the Spurs. 2004? Pistons. 2003? Spurs again...Are any of these teams named the Cleveland Cavaliers? No, I'm afraid they are not. Did LeBron James play for any of the previously mentioned world champs. No, again he did not. Does any human on planet Earth deserve the amount of attention that LeBron is getting right now. Once more, and quite loudly, no! 

This is insane.

I can't turn on a sports channel without either seeing James' name or face and/or strangely gifted body. Yes, the guy has mad, mad, mad game. We get that. For seven years we have been told that a time or two as ESPN and every other sports media outlet has told us we were hearing and watching the "next MJ." You know what? I don't freakin' care! Personally, I don't care for LeBron and I want my sports world back!!!

James has no hardware. None. So what if he is such an unreal basketball player! He has been in the league seven years and hasn't a ring. Period. Go sit in a booth at a restaurant with His Airness and ask him about that. And no, Scottie Pippen isn't the reason Jordan has a safe full of jewelry. MJ got his first title in year seven in the NBA. James, you are now on the clock and one year late.

But James knows this, and he is now showing his desperation for a ring and to start his legacy that will live on once he retires. Is he really talking with Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and Amare Stoudemire about trying to assemble a mini dream team? Who knows, but he sure isn't denying all of these secret talks (that would have been against NBA rules, by the way).

"Mine, mine, mine...Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!!!"

Remember when you were a young little toddler and when you wanted something you would say this in a screaming manner? You would say the first three "mines" in a kinda slow way, which was already annoying. But then you would follow that up with the remaining eight or ten "mines" really fast and angrily that would just make your parents cringe. This is what LeBron's situation reminds me of. He likes his mines; I want my teammates to be all-stars. I want my contract to be phat. I want my town to love me to pieces. I want my legacy to be drooled over. I want my ring. I want, I want, I want.

This media craze really does make me nauseous. Everytime one of these top free agents has dinner in public or tweets anything, a thousand scenarios are crammed down our throats as to where LeBron might land. ESPN's bottom line sends words and phrases across the screen like "intrigued" and " has been in discussion with" and "considering all options available" and "in contact with" to let us get deeeeep inside James' feelings as to where he may go.

And you know what is the sickest part of this whole thing? The sickest part of this is the brown-nosing we can't see as all of these red carpets are rolled out for James in all of these cities. Who knows the volume of vomiting you might see if I were to witness a team owner kissing LeBron's butt all over given city. It really makes me want to run for the toilet right now thinking about it...

Yeah, he is good. We know.

LeBron James can shoot the lights out of it from midcourt and he can get from the three point line to the bucket in one and a half steps for a dunk. Yes, he is a freak of nature when it comes to hoops. But what in the world is this media craze all about?! The dude is still a non-world champ! Will he get there one day? Maybe. Probably. But right now I'm pretty sure Kobe will be back next year and I heard a rumor that the Celtics might be back to make a run, as well.

There is no guarantee of a championship no matter where James lands - hell, there is no guarantee of a conference championship for that matter! So far, I just hear every year that his "supporting cast" wasn't good enough. You can use that excuse a few times, but if you are going to be Jordanesque, eventually you just take matters into your own hands and dump 50 in the hoop in a few late playoff games. Am I right?

I may hear a comment or two from our readers in support of James, and that is fine. I'm ready and I can take it. I know deep down he can play and that he is probably a pretty good dude. But I don't have to like him. I just don't. I'm not crazy about watching him hop around on his tip-toes being soooo athletic and soooo alert all the time. I'm not crazy about him and that dang mouthpiece always in his hand and always in view. And I'm not crazy at watching that stupid powder thing he does every single home game just before tip. I'm just not crazy about him. 

So wherever you land LeBron, great, I'm just glad it will be over with.

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