Jul 9

James, the Ego King

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: LeBron James, NBA, Dwayne Wade, ESPN

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LeBron James chooses the Miami Heat. I love Fans25.com. It is a way for me to vent, it is a way for me to interact with other fans, and it is a way for me to keep the dream alive that one day I may cover sports for a living. And I love our fans that we have on the site - not only in our forum, but also our daily readers. So when I go on a rant here in this article (my second rant on the subject this week), I know I will be making angry more than a couple of folks. But I just don't care. I know our loyal readers will continue to read, and I am ready to hear the responses of those who won't like this. That is the beauty of Fans25 - your opinions are heard...
Everyone has things that they have a problem with, and I have a problem with LeBron James' handling of this free agency situation. I tried to just block this story out weeks ago and pretend it didn't exist. After all, it is as plain as the green on the trees that ESPN and LeBron together put this publicity stunt together as the sports world is scarily slow right now. The show that was made for the announcement ("The Decision") even had a freakin sponsor: Bing.
This was a story crammed down our throats if I have ever seen one. You see, ESPN is simply left on in our living room 90 percent of the time. That's just the way it has been for years (especially since Sportscenter began being shown all day long about ten years ago). So I couldn't escape this story without losing my other sports highlights. I wanted to see the World Cup highlights, and MLB, and hell, even some NBA free agency news - but not LeBron 24/7.....So like I said, I tried to ignore this, but I wasn't allowed to.
There are many sports figures that have driven me to the brink of insanity over the years: Michael Vick, Brett Favre, Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, TO (but in a fun way), Ron Artest and Lou Holtz. But despite my displeasure for the names mentioned above, none now even holds a candle to LeBron James (ok, maybe Vick). The self-proclaimed "King" makes me want to quit watching sports all together. Never in my life have I seen a person with an ego as big as his. It really is disgusting.
The bottom line in all of this: James did not have to have a one-hour special to announce his decision!!! 
The Cleveland Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert, called James a "narcissist" and I could not possibly agree more. With zero NBA titles, LeBron James thinks that he has the right to a ring simply because he was born. You can hear it in everything he says. He is afterall, the "Chosen One," right? Google "narcissist" when you get a minute.

I tend to give athletes the benefit of the doubt on life matters because I know they are scrutinized hard. I know that folks like ESPN often turn non-stories into stories. I know that athletes are often put in awkward and vulnerable situations because of their fame and wealth. I understand, too, that many athletes come from backgrounds that might lead them to make a mistake here and there. People live and learn.

But I can't tolerate someone who thinks they are downright just better than the rest of the human race, and wears it on their face and in their words. LeBron James built up this announcement as if he were about to save a certain city from plague, or deliver a pill that would allow folks to live forever, or have every chained or pinned up animal released to a new great home. He allowed - or forced rather - this entire sports nation to keep up with his every move. Why? Because he can't live without being the center of attention.

Some will say, "well, what's wrong with LeBron wanting to win?" My answer: nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. But did his pursuit of a winning team have to turn into a three-ring circus? Did he have to let us in on his every "conversation," "feeling," "comfort level," discussion," "option," and "negotiation" he has had over the last few weeks? NO!

Look at Dwayne Wade, an NBA champion, Dream Team veteran, six-time NBA all-star and also, by the way, a 2010 free agent. The only reason you even heard Wade's name through all of this is because it was being thrown in with LeBron's name. Wade has some class and humility (and a ring), that's why you didn't see a debacle surrounding him. If you want to keep things private - even as an NBA star - you can. But LeBron chose not to. He chose to sit on a stool in prime time and let the world listen to him speak his wise words. After all, there is nothing else the free world would rather hear than LeBron speaking wisdom, right?

I have to stop. It is 6:30 am, and I already have a headache. I have been waiting weeks for this LeBron madness to just go the hell away, and now that it has, I should wisely let it be. You guys get my point right now: I don't like huge egos. And if you can't see the egotism and vanity in this, well then you just won't understand why this bothers me so much.

Hey ESPN, if you want something that really is a sports story, go talk some more about Kobe just winning back-to-back titles. THAT, is a sports story. The LeBron James saga is nothing more than a selfish child wishing he was a sports story. I have never been a Lakers fan in my life - or really any NBA team. But from this point forward, I am a huge fan of any team playing LeBron and keeping him from that ring.

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