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Fraudulent Person

LeBron James has had a pathological ego problem ever since he was in high school.  He, himself, has admitted that all the attention that he got coming out of St. Vincent-St. Mary, breeded an ego virus within him.  Well, not much has changed since high school, if you ask me.  Within the past several days, he has shown that his ego towers over anyone else's in the league.  He has the worst kind of ego because he tries to hide it behind some type of lovable childlike persona.  In that case, makes him a fraud. 

I say that because I respect guys with ego problems that do not hide it.  For instance, Chad Ocho Cinco, Alexander Ovechkin, Terrell Owens, Manny Ramirez.  These are guys that may be dislikable to most people because of their egos, but you can't say that they didn't warn you.  They give you who they really are, and I like that.  And I'm not saying that you need to act like a clown to be respectable.  There are plenty of athletes that are 100% pure class, and that is who they really are.  Chris Paul, class.  Warrick Dunn, class.  Heck... Julio Franco, class.  All I am saying is, just be who you are.  Don't show us a front on the outside, because the inside will shine.

Fraudulent Champion

The truth is that the Miami Heat are about to win championships.  Plural.  But look at the way that it is going to go down.  LeBron James will have taken it upon himself to organize a Dream Team of basketball stars that he knows can't be beat.  Because he has made it impossible for him to not win a title, the team will go 77-5, sweep through the playoffs, and at the end of the day LeBron will say, "Look at what I did".  "I"???  He is on the greatest team since the X-Men, of course hes going to win a championship!  It would take a complete goof to not win it in that situation.  After winning a title with this super team, he really should be embarrassed that he had to do this.  Call me a hater, I'm just telling the truth.

When he wins his first championship, I better not EVER hear anybody use this as proof that he is better than Michael Jordan.  Jordan never had to organize a super team for him to win.  Neither did Tim Duncan, Willis Reed, Isaiah Thomas, etc.  And I am not talking about players doing it by themselves.  There is no such thing as winning a championship by oneself.  I am talking about players that never had to turn the NBA into a real life EA Sports video game by creating their own teams with the best attributes.  Legends have the ability to make those around him better.  Apparently, LeBron feels that he lacks that trait. 

Yes, he was a free agent and could do what he wanted to do.  I understand that.  What I don't understand is how he expects us to take his status seriously when his career is over, when the only way he could win a championship was by planning a super team.  Yes, it was LeBron's plan.  Why else would he have been having these meetings with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh?  He couldn't even hide it, they were seen in Los Angeles.  I do not recall Ray Allen calling meetings with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to form the Big 3 in Boston.  I do recall Danny Ainge telling Doc Rivers and Paul Pierce to hold on, and he promised to get them the tools that they needed to win.  And since Ainge got them what they needed from the front office, I consider Pierce, Allen and Garnett's legacy legitimate.  LeBron James' legacy will be that of a fraud.

You want to know the funniest part about it though?  If LeBron wants to be considered the best ever, then he just shot himself in the foot.  Look at the amount of people that judge a player's legacy on how many championships they've won.  Whether you judge that way or not, you can probably say the majority of people do.  With that said, LeBron has 0 championships.  Dwayne Wade has 1.  Hmm... so when Lebron gets 1 championship, Dwayne Wade will have 2.   Follow me?  When Lebron James gets 2 championships, Dwayne Wade will have 3.  See what I see here?  While everyone is arguing over if he is as good as MJ, Kobe, and Magic, he has put himself in a situation to where he can never even be the best player on his own team!  A fraudulent genius!

Fraudulent Sacrifice

We really don't believe that this "paycut" LeBron is taking certifies him as a hero, do we?  His contract is going to be over $90 million!  Thats only what he is going to make ON the court.  He makes more money than that from endorsements and off the court business.  We're not even talking about what he has already made, being an NBA superstar for the past 7 years.  Do we really believe that because he took a "paycut" to join the Heat, that he is sacraficing enough money to put food on the table?  If you believe that, then you would believe that a picture of me dunking over Dikembe Mutombo hasn't been Photoshopped.

Fraudulent "Decision"

I love how the other morning, ESPN's Chris Broussard spread the rumor about "The Decision".  Of course, Broussard learned it from his "sources".  Thats right, ESPN learned from their sources that LeBron James would make his announcement on ESPN.  Ha! 

Anyway, the whole thing was suppose to be hyped to keep us on our toes about what team LeBron would go to.  Well, ESPN couldn't even do that right, as they were announcing since about 8 am that he was going to sign with Miami.  So just as fast as they built up the hype, they killed it and made the whole thing an even bigger waste of time.  It was hilarious how Stuart Scott had to keep reminding everyone on the set that they were suppose to at least pretend that they didn't know what team it would be.

Any human that would stop the world to have an hour long press conference on ESPN (primetime, at that) just to say what team he is going to play for, has an EXTREME ego problem.  If ESPN was in fact the ones that initiated this whole circus, LeBron could have easily said, "No".  The sick part about it is that they held it at the Boys and Girls Club to make it seem like this whole thing is about helping the kids.  Get the heck outta here!!!  This mess was as much about LeBron's self-importance, as it was about ESPN's ratings.

Seriously, if you watched it, you know it was a complete joke.  Kevin Durant, who was in a much tougher situation as far as being the lone star on the team, just signed a contract extention to keep him in Oklahoma City.  He signed his extention, told the people that he was obligated to tell, kissed his momma on the cheek, and went on with his day.  Kevin Durant, class.

Fraudulent Fans

You remember in the early part of the century when the New England Patriots built their dynasty in the NFL?  Remember after that 2nd championship, Patriot fans began to appear out of nowhere?  I'm talking about people that you knew for a fact were fans of the Giants or 49ers a week earlier.  All of a sudden they were Patriot fans.  Not only that, but they lied in your face and told you that they have always liked the Patriots.  Remember how messed up that was?  The Patriots were not that type of team to have a nation of fans.  They are not the Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees or Texas Longhorns football.  The Patriots and Buccaneers were the two worst teams in the league for a good long while, and nobody was running around representing for them.

Well, you are about to see it all over again, but this time it will be worse.  Just wait until you see all of the Miami Heat "fans" start to appear. Tell the truth.  Unless you are from Florida, you don't know any Miami Heat fans.  But watch them start to pop up randomly.  The Heat will draw hate, but they will also draw the greatest amount of bandwagon jumpers in the history of sports.  When you see a bandwagon Heat fan, I want you to snatch the fitted hat off their scalp.

Fraudulent King

"King James".  The only King James that  I know of is the King James version of The Bible.  If anyone needed proof that LeBron James does not deserve the title of "King", he has proved it to you over the past couple months..  Since Dwayne Wade sits in the throne in Miami, maybe LeBron's new nickname should be "Queen James".  Yeah, Queen James.  It fits the bill.



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