Jul 25

The Dog Days of Summer

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This summer heat  - and downtime in sports - is insane. We have all heard this phrase, but hardly ever has it been more true than right now. In South Carolina, where this article comes from, the heat index has passed 100 degrees countless times over the last month. Couple that blazing heat with some of the worst humidity you can find, and the Palmetto State is ready to bring you to your knees. And as if that isn't bad enough, the sports world has come to a virtual standstill. Major League Baseball is the lifeline to late August. Yes folks, the Dog Days of Summer are in full effect.

I am a big baseball fan, don't get me wrong. But we are in that fragile time where a baseball overdose is extremely possible, and we must be careful. From now until college football, Major League Baseball really is the only game in town. For some this is bliss, but for me it is a nightmare. I know this seems confusing because I really do love baseball. But when you get too much of a good thing, sometimes it makes your taste for that go away for a while, and I can't have that happening as the Braves look to make a playoff run this year. I must pace myself, keep baseball a here and there thing. But the problem is what fills up the other half of the here and there?

SportsCenter is even having a hard time finding anything legit to cover outside of the MLB - I just saw five minutes of softball highlights from Team USA vs Canada (we lost 30-29). And just when this baseball-only thing gets really tiring here in a few weeks, the little league World Series gets fired up. Many folks love this event. Me? Not so much.

So fans, I apologize for this down time here on Fans25. I am gearing up for the 2010 season and will release my college football extravaganza on August 20th. I'll have my preseason top 25, my division and conference predictions, and much more. You should see the stack of magazines I have accumulated in preparing for this season! It is all beginning to come together...

Hang in there people. Get yourself a cold towel and wear it around your neck. Do not be scared to have multiple fans running. MAKE SURE your pets have plenty of cold water and shade. Please wear sunscreen when you are in the sun. Drink an insane amount of water if you are doing anything outside....I sound like a parent, I know. But this summer heat is nothing to mess around with. Take care and hang in there - college football season is just a month away!

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