Aug 7

2010 Heisman Candidates

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This list will shrink and expand and lose players and add players as the season goes along, but for right now, here are the guys that I see will be front and center in the chase for the Heisman Trophy...

Terrelle Pryor, QB, Ohio State - The media will be pumping Pryor all year long. He is the veteran Heisman-type player, and he plays for a top two team in Ohio State. Like most every other candidate, much will do with OSU running the table.
Noel Devine, RB, West Virginia - Devine could be the real candidate in the group. WVU has a strong o-line back, and a managable schedule. If they stay in the top 15, and Devine scores some points, he could very well get a long look in New York in December.
Julio Jones, WR, Alabama - This guy was one of the most talked about recruits in the nation coming out of high school. Now, as a junior, it is his time to shine. He has everything he needs for a big year, but the only problem is coach Nick Saban relies heavily on the running game.
Jeremiah Masoli, QB, Ole Miss - What a strange turn of events this is! I would have had Masoli as a Heisman candidate at Oregon, anyway, had he stayed out of trouble. Now that he is on a decent Ole Miss team, why not keep him on the list? Let's face it, the publicity will be there like crazy for this guy.
Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama - The defending champ is back to see if he can do what Tim Tebow could not: win a second Heisman. If Alabama goes undefeated, Ingram, Jones, and quarterback Greg McElroy will all be in the Heisman talk.
Matt Barkley, USC - It is assumed that if you are a blue-chip quarterback, and then play for USC, you automatically earn the right to be a Heisman finalist. And while USC has had many winners, those guys were all part of great teams. Barkley will need USC to win 10 plus games, and I don't know if they will.
Case Keenum, QB, Houston - All this dude did a year ago was throw for 5,400 yards and 48 touchdowns to lead the NCAA. If somehow Houston can have another big year, Keenum would have to get mentioned in this race.
Ricky Stanzi, QB, Iowa - Stanzi has an outside chance. If Iowa is to win every game, there is no reason that he should not be in the mix at year's end. He isn't the flashiest guy ever, but very solid - and has a great name!
Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford - This guy is the class of the Pac Ten quarterbacks according to many publications. While certainly a future NFLer, I don't think Stanford will win quite enough to give Luck a real shot (just ask Toby Gerhart).
Ryan Williams, RB, Virginia Tech - If the Hokies would finally have the humongeous year they have been waiting for for an eternity, Williams would be a real candidate. The reason is that VT leans hard on the running game, and that would mean big numbers for this guy.
Landry Jones, QB, Oklahoma - In replace of Sam Bradford, Jones was solid. Now, in the same system as former winner Bradford, and surrounded by a good team, doesn't it make sense that Jones will put up similar numbers if he stays healthy? I think it does, and by year's end, he is a candidate.
Jacory Harris, QB, Miami - I am not sure if Harris is really a Heisman-caliber player, but he is the kind of guy the media would love to see have a big year. He plays for a huge name, and he is an unreal athlete. He needs to make good decisions and keep his INTs down.

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