Aug 7

The Games You Can't Miss!

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For each and every fan, the "big-timeness" of a game has a lot to do with your interest level in the teams involved. But regardless of who your favorite teams are, whether it is on TV or in person, if you do not at least see the detailed highlights of the games below, you are not really the fan you claim to be.
Week 1:
* Purdue at Notre Dame - The house will be rockin' for Brian Kelly's debut as head coach, and Purdue is no slouch. This will be a hard-fought war in a crazy environment.
* Boise State vs. Virginia Tech (Monday night, Landover, MD) - College football fans are treated to a Monday night feast in a great inter-regional matchup featuring two teams with outside national title hopes.
Week 2:
* Florida State at Oklahoma - The Sooners host the Seminoles in Jimbo Fisher's first major road contest. When building the FSU program in the 1980's, Bobby Bowden would win this type of game.
* Penn State at Alabama - Are you kidding me?! This game is perhaps the most anticipated of the season, and it comes in week two. A major power of the North versus the top team in the South.
* Oregon at Tennessee - Your's truly will be watching this game live from Neyland Stadium. I've never been there, and I can't wait. Oh yeah, great matchup, as well!
* Miami at Ohio State - Just like with most every other team, Miami has a bad relationship with Ohio State. This game will be very entertaining to watch, and will feature two Heisman-candidate qbs in Terrelle Pryor and Jacory Harris.
* Michigan at Notre Dame - This game features a coach coming in and perhaps one on his way out. If Rich Rod (in year four) loses to Kelly (in his first season) expect Rich Rod to be gone, gone, gone in December.
* Georgia at South Carolina - This annual second weekend matchup is always close and exciting. Expect the 2010 version to be no different.
Week 3:
* Florida at Tennessee - UT hosts their first huge game under new coach Derek Dooley. Besides the implications this game will on the SEC East, this is a rivalry game.
* Clemson at Auburn - Though just three and a half hours apart, these two haven't met in the regular season since 1971. Auburn has won the last two meetings in bowls (1997, 2007).
* Nebraska at Washington - UW, you say?! Yes, the Huskies have been college football royalty at times, with four claimed national crowns (last in 1991). A big question in this game is can they start their climb back, and compete against a top ten team. Interesting matchup.
* Alabama at Duke - OK, so this isn't top five matchup. I am just amazed beyond words that 'Bama  - for whatever reason - agreed to play Duke on the road.
Week 4:
* Miami at Pittsburgh - If the Panthers are going to jump back into the national scene, doing away with the 'Canes at home on a Thursday night national TV game would be a good place to start.
* West Virginia at LSU - If ever a tutorial were to be written on how to party pregame, here would be the example given throughout the publication.
Week 5:
* Penn State at Iowa - Featuring two potentially top ten teams, this is a game that will affect the Big Ten title hunt through the end of the season.
* Florida at Alabama - The class of the SEC - and the nation - the last few seasons, games do not get any bigger than this! The winner will remain in the national title race.
* Texas vs. Oklahoma - The Red-River Shootout. Yes, I said "shootout." Damn political correctness bugs the hell out of me.
Week 6:
* Florida State at Miami - This game could be much bigger or much smaller by the time it gets here. Regardless, these two teams always put on a show and this is a must-watch.
* Alabama at South Carolina - Nick Saban is no stranger to nasty environments. It's a good thing, because Williams-Brice Stadium will be ready on this day!
* USC at Stanford - Out on the left coast, this game is a big deal. In 2010, this game could decide the Pac Ten championship as well as who the Pac Ten first-team qb will be.
Week 7:
* Texas at Nebraska - If the game took place in the stands, this one would get ugly fast. However, it must be played on the field - complete with refs - and thus Texas has a shot.
* BYU at TCU - If the Horned Frogs are going to lose this fall, this is one of just a few schools that could beat them. Honestly though, I think TCU wins big.
* Ohio State at Wisconsin - An awesome Big Ten game in what should be a meeting of top ten teams.
Week 8:
* LSU at Auburn - You know how when certain schools get together, they tend to just always play fantastic, close, hard-fought games nearly every single time?That is the case with these two programs.
* Georgia Tech at Clemson - See Aub-LSU description above. This is a rematch of the ACC title game and you can bet your spouse that it will be close.
* Wisconsin at Iowa - In the Big Ten championship pool play race involving Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio State and Penn State, here is another huge game.
Week 9:
* Florida vs. Georgia  - (Jacksonville, FL) - After recent years of Florida dominance, Georgia will look to start to even things back out. I still think this series would be better as a home-and-home.
* Oregon at USC - Though it is too early in the year to tell, this game is nearly always a major factor in who wins the Pac Ten championship.
Week 10:
* Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech - A Thursday night game in Blacksburg will probably decide the ACC Coastal champion. VT specializes in the Thursday night, late-season home game.
* Alabama at LSU - There are not a whole lot of teams that I think could beat Alabama this season. However, LSU playing the Tide at home is one of those few teams.
Week 11:

* Clemson at Florida State - This game will most-likely determine who is heading to Charlotte to represent the Atlantic division in the ACC title game.
* South Carolina at Florida - If the Gamecocks are going to reach Atlanta and play for an SEC crown in 2010, they will have to go through Ben Hill Griffin Stadium to do it.
* Penn State at Ohio State - Like I said above, I see the Big Ten as a four-team race this year, and here is another game featuring two of those four teams.

Week 12:
* Ohio State at Iowa - The final matchup in the four-team race for the Big Ten crown, this game will see Kinnick Stadium on fire (and two darned experienced quarterbacks)!
* Stanford at California - This game will probably not have national title implications. However, they say this is one of the more fun games to go to, and one day - years from now - I hope Fans25 will allow for me to trek around and take in games such as this one.
Week 13 (rivalry week):
* Auburn at Alabama - On a Friday this year, Bama will look to make it three in a row after Auburn won six straight from 2002-2007.
* Florida at Florida State - Anything can happen over the next three months, but I see FSU having a chance for the first time since their last win in 2003.
* Georgia Tech at Georgia - The Jackets had no reason in the world letting UGA win in Atlanta a year ago. Now, they must win on the road or it will be two losses in a row in the rivalry.
* Michigan at Ohio State - By the time this game rolls around, we will know if Michigan had decided to join the Big Ten race, or if they will be under a new coach in 2011. Either way, this will be a hard game for them to win.
* South Carolina at Clemson - The Tigers are looking to avoid back to back losses to the Gamecocks for the first time since the 1970's. You can bet Death Valley will be ready for this one.
* Oklahoma at Oklahoma State - The Cowboys aren't on my radar in the preseason, but that can change during the season. And regardless of what happens during '10 with either of these teams, this game will still be fierce.

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