Sep 6

Pick'em and Poll

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: ACC, Virginia Tech, Boise State, college football

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With a killer Monday night game this evening, the Fans25 top 25 poll for week two will come out on Tuesday morning this week rather than today. Third ranked Boise State will tangle with tenth ranked Virginia Tech from Landover, Maryland at 8:00 tonight on ESPN. That game will have such an impact on the poll, that it would be best to release it in the morning...Also, be sure to get your picks in for week two! I am 13-0 so far this week, with two games today. Two other Fans25 pickers - LEO and Bubt - are also at 13-0. Two-time defending champ 92CitadelGrad is off to a good start at 10-3, and will certainly be a factor again in 2010.

I cannot begin to tell you how closely I will be watching tonight's game between the Hokies and the Broncos. First, it involves two top ten teams. Second, it involves an ACC team. Third, it involves Boise State, one of the more controversial teams in the country. Finally, I didn't get to watch a whole heck of a lot of football Saturday, so I'm ready! With all of that thrown together into one, I will be glued to my TV for the better part of this evening.

This is going to be a game for the ages, I can feel it before it even kicks off. Both teams will be playing with the old cliche "something to prove." Boise obviously wants to show the nation they can beat yet another top ten team. VT wants to show that they are a true elite team. Both squads have a season goal of a national championship.

Both teams have outstanding coaches in Frank Beamer (187-92-2 at VT) and Chris Petersen (49-4 at Boise). Both teams are extremely fundamentally sound and disciplined, and neither is scared to throw in a trick play from time to time. Special teams play is special indeed at VT, and expect a few plays tonight that are a bit off of the wall.

We will also see two of the nation's premier quarterbacks going head to head in Tyrod Taylor and Kellen Moore. Taylor will be guiding the Hokies attack with the help of a nasty running attack in Darren Evans and Ryan Williams.

I cannot wait. I really can't. Luckily, Maryland and Navy play at 4:00, so I can let that game get my appetite ready. On Saturday, I was wishing VT-Boise was right then, right now. But now that Monday night has rolled around, thank goodness there is a huge game tonight!

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