Sep 6

The Top Fan's Top 25 - Week 2

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: SEC, ACC, BIg Ten, Pac Ten, college football

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My top 25 poll did not change a whole lot this week as hardly any teams in the top 25 lost. LSU dropped a few spots after nearly losing late against a UNC team who was playing with second and third teamers, Oregon moved up a couple of spots after hanging 72 points on New Mexico in just 45 minutes of play, and Virginia Tech dropped a few spots as they were unable to close the deal with top five Boise State. All in all, it was a fairly uneventful weekend as far as poll rearranging goes. However, week two's games approaching will be loaded with huge contests that could go either way! This poll will look very different next Monday - I can assure you all of that much!

1. Alabama Crimson Tide, 1-0 (beat San Jose State, 48-3) - The Tide will rermain number one until they go down. Next up is a huge showdown with Penn State. Next: Penn State.

2. Ohio State Buckeyes, 1-0 (beat Marshall, 45-7) - Looked ok in opening win, but we will know so much more after the Miami game this weekend from the Horseshoe. Next: Miami.

3. Boise State Broncos, 1-0 (beat VT, 33-30) - Great road win over VT, and with Ohio State and Alabama in big games this weekend, a higher ranking may await next week. Kellen Moore, Titus Young and Austin Pettis are studs on offense. Next: Bye.
4. TCU Horned Frogs, 1-0 (beat Oregon State, 30-21) - A nice opening day win over Oregon State will keep them at number four in this poll. Next: Tennessee Tech.

5. Oregon Ducks, 1-0 (beat New Mexico, 72-0) - Any team that scores 72 points before the 4th quarter starts deserves to move up a spot or two! I will see the Ducks personally this week from Knoxville. Next: at Tennessee.
6. Iowa Hawkeyes, 1-0 (beat East Illinois, 37-7) - QB Ricky Stanzi had a scare, but he is fine and will be back. This is another game where it is tough to tell how good a team is. Next: Iowa State.

7. Texas Longhorns, 1-0 (beat Rice, 34-17) -  Well, it wasn't a blowout, but Mack Brown's guys got the win and that is all that matters these days. Next: Wyoming.

8. Florida Gators, 1-0 (beat Miami, Ohio, 34-12) -  The post-Tim Tebow era has arrived, and right now it is 1-0. Impressive? Not really, but it is a win. Next: South Florida.

9. Wisconsin Badgers, 1-0 (beat UNLV, 41-21) -  41 points for the Badgers is big for them - even if it came aginst UNLV! Next: San Jose State.

10. Nebraska Cornhuskers, 1-0 (beat Western Kentucky, 49-10) - Honestly, I cannot believe a 'Husker defense gave up 10 points to a nobody. What's next? Flying cars? Next: Idaho.
11. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, 1-0 (beat South Carolina State, 41-10) - Yet another game where a good analysis is impossible to get, but a 31-point win is pretty good I suppose. Next: at Kansas.

12. Penn State Nittany Lions, 1-0 (beat Youngstown State 44-14) - The Lions now head South for one of the most highly anticipated games of the season. We will know their real strength after this weekend! Next: at Alabama.
13. Oklahoma Sooners, 1-0 (beat Utah State, 31-24) -  This game was closer than almost anyone could have guessed, but a win is a win (I say that a lot). Next: Florida State.

14. Virginia Tech Hokies, 0-1 (lost to Boise State, 33-30) - The Hokies have a very talented team, but must tighten up when the game is on the line. Boise marched right down the field with two minutes to play. Next: James Madison.

15. Miami Hurricanes, 1-0 (beat FAMU, 45-0) - The 'Canes laid a whooping and a shutout on a weak team. Now, can they play real ball with the big boys on the road? We'll see. Next: at Ohio State.
16. Utah Utes, 1-0 (beat Pitt, 27-24) - I may have had the Utes a bit high in my preseason poll, but I firmly believe they are a top 20 team now. Next: UNLV.
17. Georgia Bulldogs, 1-0 (beat La. Lafayette, 55-7) - UGA always has a tough time with the Gamecocks, and Columbia is their next stop. They looked sharp in their opener. Next: at South Carolina.

18. USC Trojans, 1-0 (beat Hawaii, 49-36) -  The defense is a concern if you are a Trojan fan. Luckily for them though this past week, Hawaii didnt have a defense, either. Next: Virginia.

19. Notre Dame Fightin' Irish, 1-0 (beat Purdue, 23-12) - I'm telling you guys, ND is for real with new Coach Kelly. They will be 2-0 and maybe in my top 15 after this coming week. Next: Michigan.

20. Florida State Seminoles, 1-0 (beat Samford, 59-6) - Jimbo's boys explode for nearly 60 in his debut, but now it is time for a real test with the Sooners. Next: at Oklahoma.
21. Auburn Tigers, 1-0 (beat Arkansas State, 52-26) - The offense put up big numbers, but the defense gave up big numbers. They can't allow that when SEC play begins. Next: Mississippi State (Thursday).

22. South Carolina Gamecocks, 1-0 (beat Southern Miss, 41-13) - The Gamecocks looked solid, but the opponent was hardly a team to base things off of. We will know tons more about this team in five days. Next: Georgia.
23. Clemson Tigers, 1-0 (beat North Texas, 35-10) - The Tigers had a sluggish first half, but managed to cover the spread with a decent enough second half. Next: Presbyterian.
24. West Virginia Mountaineers, 1-0 (beat Coastal Carolina, 31-0) - They disposed of Coastal much easier than I thought they would. Nice job on a goose-egg, too! Next: Marshall (Friday).

25. LSU Tigers, 1-0 (beat UNC, 30-24) - I dropped them due to the fact they nearly lost to a team with 15 (yes, 15) players out - incuding five defensive starters. The Bayou Bengals still won, but issues are abound. Next: at Vanderbilt.

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