Sep 10

The Buffet

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: ACC, SEC, Pac 10, Big 10, Pac 10, college football

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For college football fans, it's all you care to eat! Saturdays like this only come around once every now and again, and for those of you who live in the now, you are in Heaven. There are six games today that are glued-to-your-TV worthy, starting at noon with an SEC battle between Georgia at South Carolina. The day will then also see ACC vs. Big 12, ACC vs. Big 10, SEC vs. Big 10, SEC vs. Pac 10, and Big 10 vs. Independent. It's kind of like the heart of bowl season in early September. Fans, grab yourself a big plate, and prepare for a feast!

As soon as I finish writing this, I am heading north to Knoxville, TN and hoping along the way that the weather will be good to this game. The experts are calling for rain storms in the Eastern Tennessee area, which would seem to be quite suitable for a bunch of Ducks! In reality though, this probably suits the home Vols more than visiting Oregon. UT will need all the help it can get to slow down a potent UO offense. I cannot wait to experience a game from Neyland Stadium.

Besides the plan to tour the UT campus and hand out as many Fans25 promo items as possible from my new tent, my real goal for the day is to find a TV to watch. I mean, with a slate like this on tap, how can one not expect me to post up to a tube for a good chunk of the day? New town to take in or not, I will be really upset if I miss a big chunk of these big games. Some lucky tailgaters out there don't know it yet, but they will have a guest at their spot for a good portion of tomorrow. Maybe I can manage to get myself on one of those fancy boats of the VOL Navy to watch some of the action!

Alabama, Penn State, Oklahoma, Florida State, Miami, Ohio State, Tennessee, Oregon, Notre Dame, Michigan...That list of names reads as a "who's who" of college football, and each are ready to take the field in a HUGE game. Georgia is a big name too, and they will tangle with a South Carolina team that isn't historically a huge name, but will have 80,000 plus fans and a strong team waiting for the Dawgs.

Of course, every game matters in the big scheme of the college football world, and there are countless other games today that will carry enormous importance later in the year when teams are jockeying and lobbying for BCS spots and big bowls. But there is no question that these six games stand out from the rest.

So here I go, leaving Asheville, NC (visiting my mother on the way) and heading an hour and a half over to Knoxville. I plan to get there super early, check out the tailgating, click shots of campus, and get to my seat in time to experience the UT pregame. Deep inside I am praying the weather will be good - for I have been waiting on this day for quite sometime.

I had a killer time in Gainesville, FL for a game in 2007 (Tennessee game, in fact), and to date that rates as my favorite non-Clemson college football experience. Can Knoxville beat the festivities of that day? I will let you know in Sunday's weekend recap!

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