Sep 13

The Top Fan's Top 25 - Week Three

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: college football, ACC, SEC, Top 25

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The top half of my top 25 poll did not change much this week. However, the bottom half of the poll looks a lot different from the week before. The ACC had a disastrous weekend, with four teams ranked 10-20 losing, and now just two teams from that league are worthy - in my opinion - of holding a ranking. Alabama looked very strong at home against Penn State, proving early in the season that they are indeed the team to beat nationwide. Here is my top 25 poll as we enter the third week of the college football season...

1. Alabama Crimson Tide, 2-0 (beat Penn State, 24-3) - After jumping out to an early 14-0 lead, the Tide cruised the rest of the way home. Running back Trent Richardson, playing in replace of injured Mark Ingram, may be just as good if not better than the 2009 Heisman winner - and may be the best back in the nation. Next: at Duke.

2. Ohio State Buckeyes, 2-0 (beat Miami, 36-24) - The Buckeye D forced four interceptions of Miami's Jacory Harris. OSU's Terrell Pryor accounted for 346 yards - 113 on the ground - and made the plays he had to make when he had to make them. Next: Ohio.

3. Oregon Ducks, 2-0 (beat Tennessee, 48-13) - The Ducks exploded for 35 points in the second half, showing just how powerful they can be. This ranking is no knock on TCU or Boise - who the Ducks jumped in my poll - but rather me thinking Oregon is perhaps the best team out there. Next: Portland State.

4. TCU Horned Frogs, 2-0 (beat Tennessee Tech, 62-7) - The only thing TCU could do against a team like TTU is beat the snot out of them, and that is just what they did. Andy Dalton threw for 182 yards and two scores before giving way to the second teamers. Next: Baylor.

5. Boise State Broncos, 2-0, (bye) - Having a bye week and having VT get beat by a high school team results in Boise slipping this week. Is it their fault? No. But it is just the way it is. Sorry Broncos, you are still real good, but I was impressed with Oregon and bumped them up. Next: Wyoming.

6. Iowa Hawkeyes, 2-0 (beat Iowa State, 35-7) - The Hawkeyes dismantled their in-state rival in convincing fashion, and will hold tight at number six in my poll. I can't wait to see what this team is going to do against the big boys of the Big Ten later this fall. Next: at Arizona.

7. Oklahoma Sooners, 2-0 (beat Florida State, 47-17) - After thumping FSU at home, I moved OU in front of Texas, and up six spots. The Sooners now have a nice 32-game home winning streak going - best in the land. Bob Stoops may be gearing up for a run at another crown. Next: Air Force.

8. Texas Longhorns, 2-0 (beat Wyoming 35-7) - We have yet to see the Longhorns tested, but that will change this coming week when the Horns travel to Texas Tech for a night game. For now, they sit quietly in the top 10. Next: at Texas Tech.

9. Florida Gators, (beat South Florida, 38-14) - Even with a nice win over the Bulls, UF dropped one spot in my poll because of very strong showings from Oklahoma and Oregon. The Gators may be the most under-rated team in the country right now, just looking to explode on somebody! Next: at Tennessee.

10. Nebraska Cornhuskers, 2-0 (beat Idaho, 38-17) - Come on Huskers, as one of my favorite teams you're killing me here! That defense can't be giving up 17 points to Idaho. Most teams would be ok with this, but the Blackshirts can do better than that. I'd like to see them tighten up some - even if the scoring did come when the game was virtually over. Next: at Washington.

11. Utah Utes, 2-0 (beat UNLV, 38-10) - The Utes jumped three spots in my poll this week, because of the ACC sucking and Wisconsin not winning with much style. They will probably remain here for a while, as they will not be tested again until November vs. TCU. Next: at New Mexico.

12. Wisconsin Badgers, 2-0 (beat San Jose State, 27-14) - Ok, so I have never even really heard of San Jose State, but yet they played Wisconsin a close game. Sorry Badger fans, but this was totally weak. I dropped you guys three spots this week. Next: Arizona State.

13. Penn State Nittany Lions, 1-1 (lost to Alabama, 24-3) - I only dropped the Lions one spot after losing in Tuscaloosa. Alabama is just damn good, and no team should be punished too harshly for playing a decent game at the best team in America. By year's end, they will prove they belong in the top 15. Next: Kent State.

14. Arkansas Razorbacks, 2-0 (beat LA Monroe 38-7) - I should have had the Hogs ranked in my first two polls, but I misjudged some other teams. Now though, I have them right here in the top 15. This is a huge jump up the polls - ridiculous even - but here they are. Next: at Georgia.

15. Auburn Tigers, 2-0 (beat Mississippi State, 17-14) - It wasn't the prettiest win ever, but the Tigers made the plays they had to (and MSU did the opposite) in a road SEC victory. War Eagle now plays host to back to back teams from the Palmetto State. Next: Clemson.

16. Stanford Cardinal, 2-0 (beat UCLA, 35-0) - This is the team that could be challenging Oregon for the Pac Ten crown. QB Andrew Luck is the real deal, and the gameplan from Coach Harbaugh is awesome. But what is really nice is getting a shutout on the road! Next: Wake Forest.

17. South Carolina Gamecocks, 2-0 (beat Georgia, 17-6) - The Gamecocks are looking very solid, but a #13 AP ranking is a little premature in my book. The 'Cock nation had been waiting months to see what running back Marcus Lattimore could do in SEC play, and he certainly impressed with 182 yards (37 carries). Next: Furman.

18. LSU Tigers, 2-0 (beat Vanderbilt, 27-3) - The Tigers are 2-0 despite what conclusions can be drawn from beating a depleted UNC squad and perennial dog, Vanderbilt. This team has yet to have a real test, but that will change in a four game stretch starting ths week with four solid teams. Next: Mississippi State.

19. Miami Hurricanes, 1-1 (lost to Ohio State, 34-26) - While this team is not a top 10 type of team, I do still think they are pretty good, and have strong talent. They played a hyped and ready OSU squad a decent game in one of the toughest venues in the country. Next: at Pittsburgh.

20. USC Trojans, 2-0 (beat Virginia 17-14) - I still have my reservations about USC as I just don't know if Lane Kiffin has earned the right to be a head coach of such a prestigous school. Regardless, they have won their first two games, so here they are. Next: at Minnesota.

21. West Virginia Mountaineers, 2-0 (beat Marshall, 24-21) - Since I have a little WVU blood in me, I will keep the 'Neers in my top 25 - in fact they moved up. With that said, I would like to see them turn up the intensity. Marshall - a nobody really - gave them all they wanted! Next: Maryland.

22. Clemson Tigers, 2-0 (beat Presbyterian 58-21) - Even with third stringers in, I hate giving up 21 points to a team such as PC. Still, being up by 42 points at halftime shows that Clemson did all it could do in such a boring game. The real test comes this week. Next: at Auburn.

23. Michigan Wolverines, 2-0 (beat Notre Dame, 28-24) - For the first time in what seems like forever, the Wolverines are a factor in the college football world. They took care of Notre Dame on the road (tough game no matter the situation), and are back in the polls. Next: UMass.

24. Arizona Wildcats, 2-0 (beat Citadel, 52-6) - I've always wondered why we don't see the two Arizona teams perform better. Both have great facilities and would be a great place to go to school. I think both are sleeping giants, and maybe the Wildcats will make a move first. Next: Iowa.

25. Houston Cougars, 2-0 (beat UTEP, 54-24) - The Cougars - traditionally a run-and-gun type of team - have scored 122 points through two games. Who knows if they can play defense, but when you score like this, I guess it doesn't really matter sometimes! Next: at UCLA.



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