Sep 28

Conference Rankings

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: ACC, Big East, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 10, SEC, college football

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A lot of people put weight into conference ratings. Personally, I'm kind of in between. While I like my ACC brethren to do well, I am much more concerned with my own team. Regardless, like I said, many folks feel like conference rankings are very important, so here are mine...

1. SEC - This seems to be getting old, but it is what it is. One day the SEC may not be ranked number one, so while they are, I have to give them all of the props. For quite a while, the East division was stronger. But this year, the West is loaded. Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas and LSU are four teams in the top 15 from the same division! With Florida and South Carolina looking good in the East, the SEC has half of its teams in the top 25.

2. Pac 10 - Not far behind the SEC, but not far ahead of the Big 10, sits the Pac 10. Stanford and Oregon are looking like true national title contenders, while USC and Arizona are also both undefeated and thinking BCS. Throw in that UCLA just went into Texas and manhandled the Longhorns, and that is five pretty strong teams. Cal, Oregon State and Arizona State are respectable enough, with only the two Washington schools needing major repair.

3. Big 10 - Penn State looked average against Alabama, and Iowa lost out West to Arizona. Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan State and Michigan are still making noise in the national scene, but the bottom half of the league is pretty weak. Indiana, Illinois, Northwestern, Minnesota and Purdue are all so-so. One of those top teams will slip, and one of the bottom teams will make a run, but overall the league, to me, is top heavy in 2010. Luckily, they will most-likely have a team in the national title hunt for most of the season.

4. Big 12 - With three teams in the top 10 going into last week, this league was looking strong once again. Texas then lost bad to UCLA - real bad. Not only that, the Horns will probably take fellow conference mate Oklahoma out of the top ten this coming weekend. That would leave Nebraska to carry the league flag towards the BCS title game. Missouri and Kansas State are making runs as they are flirting with the polls, but really Nebraska should win the Big 12. Texas Tech, Baylor, Iowa State and Texas A&M are average at best.

5. ACC - At this point, I hate to rank the ACC ahead of anyone, but here they are. I guess despite the disasters, I have to give credit to a few teams for decent wins. NC State beat Cincinnati, UNC beat Rutgers, and Miami beat Pitt - three reasons the ACC is ranked ahead of the Big East. Virginia Tech beat ECU, and Florida State beat BYU - two more average victories. Outside of that, Miami looked halfway decent at Ohio State, and Clemson played Auburn to overtime. Bottom-line: the league badly needs a shot in the arm.

6. Big East - Checking in at last this week in my rankings is the Big East. West Virginia should win the league this year and deservedly so. The Mountaineers are a good team, and I think they would win the Big East even if it weren's struggling so bad. Rutgers and Louisville - two teams that were thriving a couple of years ago - are hurting bad. Pitt is a name the media wants so bad to do well, but they are just not good. And Cincinnati, after losing Brian Kelly, has slipped back into the abyss.

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