Sep 30

Week Five Predictions

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Another week has flown by, and it is time for football once again. Tonight, Texas A&M takes on Oklahoma State from Stillwater. That will be followed by another Saturday of great games. Once again, I will put my first place standing on the line. Here are my predictions for week five...


Texas A&M at Oklahoma State, 7:30, ESPN - In all of my years of watching college football, I have noticed many things. Among them is that Texas A&M comes up short in big-games as much as any team out there! With this game on national TV and away from home, and with A&M once again looking to define mediocrity, my gut feeling is that the Cowboys will get the win. OSU has scored 65, 42, 65 in their first three games, and I see A&M getting lit up, as well. Oklahoma State, 37-21.


#16 Miami at Clemson - Noon - ESPN2 - The last time Clemson took the field, I had picked against them for the first time in so long that I can't even remember. The reason is that I honestly thought Auburn would win close. This week, I honestly think Clemson will win. The Tigers come in as a 4-point underdog, and you can bet Coach Dabo Swinney isn't having any of that on their home-field. Miami has tons of great athletes, but Jacory Harris - who is INT prone - is facing perhaps the best secondary he will see all season. Clemson, 31-26.

Washington State at UCLA - 3:30 - No TV - With UCLA going into Texas and doing what they did, I have to believe this team has found a new since of purpose. I think Coach Rick Neuheisel knew his job was on the line, and he lit some fires. On the other hand, Washington State is really struggling. I caught a quick pulse of upset right as I started writing this capsule, but then, like the Fresh Prince song, I thought, "...nah, forget it, yo holmes to Bel Air!" UCLA, 35-20.

#11 Wisconsin at #24 Michigan State - 3:30 - ABC (regional) - Here come the Spartans! Wisconsin is Wisconsin, and they will play strong defense and run the ball well. But MSU is looking mighty tough after four games. I looked up national rankings of total defense and total offense, and the Badgers have the edge in both, but I have a feeling MSU wns this one, anyway. This is your good old-fashioned Big Ten matchup, and I see the home-field Spartans moving up the polls once again. Michigan State, 30-24.

Virginia Tech at #23 NC State - 3:30 - ABC (regional) - All week, I have thrown this game around in my head. One side of me sees a VT defense that surely has found its familiar way (shutout last week of BC on the road). The other side of me says to respect qb Russell Wilson of the Pack, and the fundamentals that Tom O'Brien's team seems to finally be showing. I'm not completely comfortable with this pick, but I'm going to go with NC State. I really am impressed with their home-field advantage. It's like Autzen Stadium for Oregon, and Blacksburg, as well, for that matter - only 60,000, but dang loud! NC State, 34-27.

#21 Texas vs. #8 Oklahoma - 3:30 ABC (regional) - In this game, I see the Big 12 end the day with just one team in the top ten, whereas last week they had three. Yes, UT exited last week, but I see them knocking OU out this week. Besides the game with Florida State, the Sooners have shown some question marks. In the meantime, I think UT last week was a clear case of taking the opposition lightly and paying for it in a big way. This game is always fun, and I see Texas getting the win. Texas, 38-30.

East Caroina at North Carolina - 3:30 - - I have a lot of respect for ECU and the progress they have made over the last ten years. They are a program that has the potential to become big-time one day. And UNC is a mystery team that lost close to LSU with half of their team missing, but then also lost at home to GT with most of their team there. All of that tossed out the window, I see the Heels winning at home. North Carolina, 30-20.

Tennessee at #12 LSU - 3:30 - CBS - This seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes those can get you in the biggest trouble. UT is obviously struggling to get a W, but with an unpredictable program at this point, anything can happen. LSU is coming off of a huge night game, and this could be a let-down. But I just feel the Vols have too many issues to straighten up before they are ready to win at a place such as LSU. LSU, 32-24.

Arizona State at Oregon State - 6:30 - no TV - Folks, I claim to be "The Top Fan" and I really do try my best to research as many teams as I possibly can. But let's not forget that there are like a hundred teams, and I literally can't always get to all of them. In this game, I know Oregon State looked average against Boise State, while Arizona State gave Oregon a bit of a game. I should pick ASU, right? Probably so. But again, I will go with the home team, and take the Beavers. Oregon State, 37-28.

Georgia at Colorado - 7:00 - no TV - Just when UGA really needs a win, they probably picked a pretty good team to play. The Buffaloes have gone from average to real bad in the last couple of years. The Dawgs know that a disastrous season is a real possibility, and I don't think they are ready to let that happen. Colorado is a long trip, and a different feel in the air. But right now, I think that different feel might be just what Georgia needs. Georgia, 27-17.

#7 Florida at #1 Alabama - 8:00 - CBS - I've gone on and on this week about how good Florida looked against Kentucky. But the more I think about it, everything has to do with the opposing defense. And right now I have to think that Bama's defense is light years ahead of UK's. Bama will limit Florida's scoring, and will get some points of their own via the McElroy, Jones, Ingram, Richardson show. To pick against Number 1 on their home-field is just too risky. Alabama, 28-22.

Washington at #18 USC - 8:00 - ESPN2 - Very similar to the UCLA-Wazzu game, I see the visitors from the Evergreen State leaving Southern California with an L. USC seems to have everything coming together right now and this will be another chance for Matt Barkley to improve at running the offense. Nebraska put 56 on the Huskies in Seattle, so UW doesn't exactly have the steel curtain on D. I think USC scores often and moves to 5-0 and into the top 15. USC, 42-20.

Notre Dame at Boston College - 8:00 - ABC (half the nation) - Due to the fact that BC was shut-out at home last week, how is it that I could pick them to win the following week? I don't know, but I am. Preseason, I said ND would make noise this year, but so far it just hasn't happened. This is a toss-up as I could see either side pulling out an ugly win. But I will go with BC as they play ND tough traditionally, and are at home. Boston College, 17-10.

#9 Stanford at #4 Oregon - 8:00 - ABC (half the nation) - In these games where two high-scoring, potent offenses get together, a high-scoring game is naturally expected. But it is odd how these can often turn into low-scoring contests. In this one, though, expect points. Andrew Luck is incredible for the Cardinal, and LaMicheal James and crew can burn out score board lights! This one will be fun to watch if ABC doesn't make me watch the BC-ND game. Oregon, 44-39.

#22 Penn State at #17 Iowa - 8:05 - ESPN - Finally (if I am still kicking after a 7am start to this Saturday), I will be able to watch closely two teams that I haven't had a chance to see much this season. I saw replays of their two losses, but am excited to watch a live game of these two. I will go with Iowa with home-field. Kinnick Stadium seems to be quite the home advantage - especially at night. They also have many outstanding players, and I wasn't overly impressed with PSU's performance at Alabama. Iowa, 30-23.

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