Oct 3

The Top Fan's Top 25 - Week Six

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: ACC, SEC, Big Ten, Big Twelve, Pac Ten, BCS, college football

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Alabama solidified its number one ranking, but the Ducks of Oregon were nearly equally as impressive. Some other very good teams are in the mix, but as of right now, I would like to see the Tide play Oregon to see who is the king of the college football mountain. 

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (5-0, beat Florida, 31-6) - Except from those folks in the Northwest, most everyone's opinion would probably be in agreement that the Crimson Tide are the best team in college football. They looked sharp in all phases of the game in making Florida look nothing like the Florida of the previous week. Up 24-3 in the third quarter, Nick Saban was still chewing guys' butts if they didn't run a play to perfection. The dude is a machine. Next: South Carolina.

2. Oregon Ducks (5-0, beat Stanford, 52-31) - Oregon let Stanford hang around for a while, but then they kicked it into that extra gear that most teams don't have, and they ran away over the ninth ranked Cardinal.  This offense has the potential to score on any play, from any yard line. The thing that is scary about Oregon is that you can be tied with them one minute, and down by 21 five minutes later. This team - following this game - appears to be the real thing. Ohio State, Boise and TCU, no disrespect, but I think there is a small gap between Alabama and Oregon, and teams 3-5...Next: at Washington State.

3. TCU Horned Frogs (5-0, beat Colorado State, 27-0) - I've juggled these next three teams around in the top five all season, so I figured it was TCU's turn to check in at number three. As I always say, a shutout is nice, regardless of who it comes against. Ed Wesley and Matthew Tucker have provided the running game with ten touchdowns. And Andy Dalton has thrown for six scores through five games. Next: Wyoming.

4. Boise State (4-0, beat New Mexico State, 59-0) - I am not real sure what I am supposed to write here. BSU beat the piss out of some team that didn't belong in the same galaxy. You guys dissect this game if you want. The same thing will probably happen in six days. Next: Toledo.

5. Ohio State (5-0, beat Illinois, 24-13) - For the third time in five games, I was less than impressed with the Buckeyes. Illinois should have been an easy W, but Ohio State was not able to gain any style points in this win. OSU also flirted with danger in this game, as well, when QB Terrell Pryor appeared to be injured. He would return. Next: Indiana.

6. Oklahoma Sooners (5-0, beat Texas, 28-20) - Just when I was ready to write off the Sooners, they show up and defeat their rival. OU looked not so great against Utah State, Air Force and Cincinnati, but made the plays they had to to beat Texas. QB Landry Jones has thrown for nearly 1,500 yards and 11 scores through five games. Next: Iowa State.

7. Auburn Tigers (5-0, beat La. Monroe, 52-3) - After two huge weeknds, Auburn got a break this past weekend against LMU. This was basically a scrimmage, practice type of a game. Now, Auburn enters the second half of its season as a top ten team. How will they react with a target on their back? Next: at Kentucky.

8. Nebraska Cornhuskers (4-0, Idle) - The Cornhuskers had the week off and now get ready for a trip to Kansas State on Thursday night. This will be my first chance this season to take a good look at Nebraska. My thoughts of them now are that it hasn't all come together yet. One week the offense is good (Washington). The next week the offense struggles (South Dakota State). Next: at Kansas State.

9. LSU Tigers (5-0, beat Tennessee, 16-14) - If you haven't yet seen the sequence of events at the end of this game, go hit youtube right now! This was officiating insanity at its all-time finest, and the Vols came out on the bad end of it. LSU - somehow, someway - found a way yet again to win at Tiger Stadium. I almost hate to bump them up, but the fact is that UT really did have twelve players on the field. Next: at Florida.

10. Stanford Cardinal (4-1, lost to Oregon, 52-31) - It is tough for me to drop Stanford too far after the game they had with Oregon. Eventually, they were out-gunned (er, didn't score in second half). But I feel Stanford will probably win the rest of the games on their schedule. When Arkansas lost to Alabama, I only dropped them one spot in my poll. Same here with Stanford in this case. Next: USC.

11. Arizona Wildcats (4-0, beat Cal, 10-9) - I predicted that Cal could possibly make Arizona's stay in the top 15 a short one - and I was just about right! The Wildcats won the game on a touchdown pass with just over a minute to play, but not before thousands of Wildcat fans almost fainted. Arizona has never reached the Rose Bowl, and are the only school in the Pac Ten that can say that. Next: Oregon State.

12. Arkansas Razorbacks (3-1, Idle) - Arkansas dropped a spot in my poll, but it wasn't their wrong doing. LSU and Arizona jumped them with wins. The Razorbacks will reach a major bowl this year, they just need to keep focus and put the Alabama heart-breaker behind them. TAMU is a good team to start with. The Aggies find ways to lose better than any team out there. Next: Texas A&M .

13. Utah Utes (4-0, Idle) - Utah was idle, and the result for them in my poll was that they stayed exactly where they were a week ago. It will still be a few more weeks until we know more about Utah as the schedule is in a dip. Iowa State should get murdered this weekend. Next: at Iowa State.

14. Miami Hurricanes (3-1, beat Clemson, 30-21) - The Hurricanes are not a national title type of team. If they had a quarterback who took better care of the ball though, then they might be. Even with Jacory Harris throwing two more picks against Clemson, Miami still won by two scores. If they can eliminate his picks, which average two per game, most every other tool is there to win out. Next: Florida State.

15. Florida Gators (4-1, lost to Alabama, 31-6) - If you read this site in even the smallest manner, then I'm sure last week you heard me go on and on about the Gators ready to chomp back down on the SEC. Well, I still think they are good, but playing Alabama at home right now at night is just a death sentence. Florida is certainly not an elite team at this point. But I would pick them over a lot of people still, and so here they are at 15. Next: LSU.

16. Iowa Hawkeyes (4-1, beat Penn State, 24-3) - As we rolled in from Clemson, I was able to watch bits of the Iowa-Penn State game. I still didn't get to watch it close like I would have liked with so much going on (company, etc..) but I get the drift that the Hawkeyes are still pretty good. As long as Arizona keeps winning, Iowa could work itself back into the top five by season's end....Next: Idle.

17. Michigan Wolverines (5-0, beat Indiana, 42-35) - You know, now that I have had a chance to watch Denard Robinson a few teams, I know he is the real deal. He is a pretty good threat with his arm, but it is his speed and quickness that sets him apart. He really is a fun guy to watch. If he stays healthy, I don't see a team on UM's schedule they can't hang with. Next: Michigan State.

18. Michigan State Spartans (5-0, beat Wisconsin, 34-24) - The folks in East Lansing, Michigan have to be excited over this team. With that said, they now face probably the biggest game they have seen in years - can they stay unbeaten? Fourth year coach Mark Dantonio seems to have them rolling after a mediocre 2009. This upcoming game will be a war. Next: at Michigan.

19. South Carolina Gamecocks (3-1, Idle) - The Gamecocks should be as ready for this game as they will ever be for any game. They had a bye week to heal wounds and regain focus, and now welcome in the top team in the land. The USC defense will have its hands full, but the unit is a prideful one, and we will see how it handles the balance of WR Jones and RBs Ingram and Richardson. Should be a great game! Next: Alabama.

20. Wisconsin Badgers (4-1, lost to Michigan State, 34-24)  - The Badgers lingered around my top ten for the first third of the season, really never doing much either way to make me like or dislike them. After a road loss at MSU, this team comes across as average, and is now ranked accordingly. Next: MInnesota

21. Oklahoma State Cowboys (4-0, beat Texas A&M, 38-35) - The fact that Texas A&M went into their house and nearly won a nationally televised game is scary. But if you look at the positives, it is that OSU could have blown them out had they not lost focus. Up 14 with ten minutes to go, the Cowboys put it on cruise-control and it about cost them. They got it done though with a game winning FG. Next: Louisiana Lafayette.

22. Missouri Tigers (4-0, beat Miami, OH 51-13) - Why I have Missouri ranked  is one of those things about myself where I feel at times I am not controlled by my own brain, but rather by some outside force. They have beaten NOBODY in their first four games, but at 4-0, they must be ranked now, right? The jury is still out on the Tigers. Next: Colorado.

23. Nevada Wolfpack (5-0, beat UNLV, 44-26) - Ok, ok, I will admit it, I haven't seen these guys play. But I do know they have won big, and they beat the snot out of Cal three weeks ago. Yep, the same Cal team top ten Arizona beat by a single digit. They are on my radar now, and I will watch closer. Next: San Jose State.

24. Florida State Seminoles (4-1, beat Virginia, 34-14) - Besides the shellacking they took from Oklahoma on the road, the 'Noles have looked back to old form. They have won the last three by a combined 99-24, including a shutout. This game in Miami Saturday isn't going to be a flashback to the mid-1990's, but it should be dang good! Next: at Miami

25. West Virginia Mountaineers (3-1, Idle) - As I look at the teams all around the edge of the top 25, I just don't see how I could leave WVU out of the poll. Their only loss is a road loss to LSU - not terrible by any means. I still think this team will go on to win the Big East and go BCSing once again. Still not a huge Bill Stewart fan, but he does pretty well, I suppose, and I will wait to see how 2010 finishes out. Next: UNLV.

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