Oct 11

The Top Fan's Top 25 - Week Seven

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: college football, SEC, Pac Ten, Big Ten, Big 12, ACC, Big East

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With the fall of Alabama, Oregon now takes over as number one in my top 25 poll. I have simply been more impressed with the Ducks than Ohio State so far this season. The Buckeyes check in at number two before a jumbled mess involves the next six to eight teams. Boise State and TCU remain right in the mix, though I wish I was seeing both tested more regularly. And check out the big names that are not in the top 25 at this time: Texas, Penn State, USC, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Georgia...Those are five time-tested programs that are currently working to straighten things out. Nevada is the newest BCS buster to emerge, but they too will not be tested until later in the season...Here is my top 25 for week seven:

1. Oregon (6-0) - The Ducks and their high-flying offense have reached the top of this poll. I truly believe this is the nation's top team at this time.

2. Ohio State (6-0) - The preseason hype put OSU at number two. But honestly, I haven't been blown away. We will see what happens from here...

3. Boise State (5-0) - The Broncos next big game comes in six weeks against Nevada. For now, here is where they will stay...

4. TCU (6-0) - Again, I like this team and know they are good. But the lack of big games keeps them from moving up...

5. Nebraska (5-0) - Credit to the 'Huskers for dismantling Kansas State the way it had to be done. But still, it was KSU, and I'm ready to see more before considering NU a national title challenger.

6. Alabama (5-1) - Due to the nature of how polls work, I had to drop the Tide a few spots. But in a head-to-head, I would still pick this team against nearly every team out there.

7. Oklahoma (5-0) - OU has been up and down this year. They've squeeked out a few wins against questionable opposition, but also took Florida State and Texas down with ease.

8. Auburn (6-0) - AU survived my upset special by beating Kentucky on a last-second field goal. Now, they face Arkansas at home in a huge SEC West showdown.

9. LSU (6-0) - People are loving to talk smack about the 2010 Tigers. But guess what? They are undefeated still!

10. Arkansas (4-1) - The Hogs travel to Auburn this week in a game that will go far in deciding the SEC West. Ryan Mallett and company will face a tough AU defense.

11. South Carolina (4-1) - The Gamecocks jump nine spots in my top 25 after beating top-ranked Alabama. They looked sharp in the school's biggest win ever and Lattimore/Jeffery is a deadly combo.

12. Utah (5-0) - The Utes put up 68 on Iowa State and get Wyoming next week. But in two weeks they start a three game slate of Air Force, TCU and Notre Dame.

13. Stanford (5-1) - The Cardinal got back to their winning ways with a late field goal to down USC. The Pac Ten is in Oregon's hands for the losing, but this team will make a major bowl.

14. Iowa (4-1) - With their lone loss coming very early, this team has a chance to move back into the national picture by year's end - especially if OSU stays number one until they play the Hawkeyes.

15. Florida State (5-1) - Outside of South Carolina, this may be the most impressive win of the week. FSU not only beat a good Miami team, but they destroyed them. What's Jimbo got cooking down there!?

16. Michigan State (6-0) - The Spartans went into the Big House and took care of business. This may be the nation's most underrated team.

17. Oklahoma State (5-0) - The Cowboys are looking strong, but they travel to Texas Tech this week and get Nebraska in twelve days. We will know much more soon.

18. Wisconsin (5-1) - The Badgers have a chance to make the AP number one lose for the second straight week. Ohio State comes into Camp Randall Stadium just six days into their top ranking in that poll.

19. Arizona (4-1) - I wasn't sure that Arizona was a top ten team, and sure enough they lost to unranked Oregon State. They are still good, but this is closer to where they need to be.

20. Missouri (5-0) - The Tigers have crept up this poll without really playing anybody yet. However, afterTexas A&M this week, UM will then get Nebraska and Oklahoma back-to-back. Props on the shutout of Colorado.

21. Nevada (6-0) - Of the final seven games, only Fresno State and Boise State could beat them. The problem is that if either does, this team will fall off of the national radar instantly.

22. West Virginia (4-1) - After the LSU loss, WVU had an open date to heal their wounds. They responded with a 39-point win over UNLV. The last seven games should see the 'Neers as heavy favorites.

23. Florida (4-2) - By year's end, this ranking will justify itself. The Gators lost at number one Alabama, and then a thriller at home to LSU. This team is fine, just not the BCS type teams of the recent past.

24. Michigan (5-1) - With just one loss - a tough one to a rival - I am still willing to leave the Wolverines in my poll.

25. Miami (3-2) - The 'Canes got thumped by Florida State. But I still think this is a good team, and by year's end will win nine or ten games.

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