Oct 18

The Top Fan's Top 25 - Week Eight

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For the second straight week, number one in the AP poll went down. But in my poll, they stayed the same. Oregon is again the top team in the land, at least to me. After the Ducks, it gets really messy, really quickly! Here is my top 25 as we head into the eighth week of the season...

1. Oregon (6-0) - The Ducks were idle this week, setting up a Thursday night game with UCLA. Oregon plays six Pac Ten games in a row to finish the season.

2. Auburn (7-0) - What a season of football in the state of Alabama, with Auburn leapfrogging the Tide in all of of the polls! Auburn's home slate this year has been exciting as it gets, as LSU is the next rowdy bunch to come into Jordan-Hare.

3. Oklahoma (6-0) - OU is really starting to come on now. They dismantled Iowa State and recorded a shut out, 52-0. This weekend they travel to Missouri.

4. Tie: Boise State (6-0) / TCU (7-0) - I just cannot put one of these teams in front of the other anymore. For different reasons, I see them both as top five, but not sure which is the real deal to challenge for a national title.

6. Alabama (6-1) - Something deep inside of me tells me this is still the best team in college football. But until they work there way back into the SEC Title Game and get some help, so is the harsh reality of college football.

7. LSU (7-0) - As of right now, LSU is undefeated thanks to some of the oddest happenings I have seen in some time. We will see if they can keep it up at Auburn Saturday.

8. Michigan State (7-0) - This team just keeps on winning games. The latest victim to fall to the Spartans was Illinois - who led at the half, 6-3. But MSU owned the scond half, and now travels to Northwestern.

9. Utah (6-0) - Again, a nice 24-point win, but the opposition was Wyoming. Two weeks until TCU and Notre Dame back to back tells us a little more about this team.

10. Wisconsin (6-1) - The Badgers had the upset special set up perfectly, and they delivered. This win keeps them very much alive for the Big Ten title.

11. Stanford (5-1) - One of the forgotten teams out there following the disastrous second half at Oregon, I still wouldn't want to be on the opposite sideline of Andrew luck and Jim Harbaugh.

12. Iowa (5-1) - Slowly, but surely, Iowa is working its way back up the polls. With a huge home game against Wisconsin Saturday, they could be top ten before you know it.

13. Ohio State (6-1) - I don't know what it is that tells me this team is more average than we think. I guess it is that Terrell Pryor hasn't lived up to the massive hype that he brought in.

14. Arizona (5-1) - The Wildcats made steady work of Washington State, scoring once in each quarter on the way to the win. Next up is the other Apple State team: Washington.

15. Oklahoma State (6-0) - The Cowboys are coming off of a nice road win against Texas Tech, a game in which they won with ease. Now, they see Nebraska limp in fresh off of a crushing defeat to Texas.

16. Nebraska (5-1) - I haven't gotten to see much of any of this game, but the numbers don't lie. Three points on the day speaks for itself. I hate this for all of our 'Husker fans who were so ready for this game.

17. Florida State (6-1) - FSU didn't overly impress in a 24-19 win over Boston College. The ACC Atlantic is their's to lose, but they will have to step up their play just a bit.

18. Arkansas (4-2) - Their two losses are to two legit top ten teams, and both losses were close (even though Auburn poured it on in the closing minutes). This team is pretty solid, I feel.

19. Texas (4-2) - Even with two losses, UT showed that they can beat a top team. This may not be a banner year, but Texas is never to be counted out of a game.

20. Missouri (6-0) - There is no doubt this team and school will be sky-high to welcome in Oklahoma Saturday. We will know so, so, so much more about the Tigers in five days.

21. South Carolina (4-2) - I almost want to cry for this team! Sitting within their site in 2010 is a SEC East title, and they lose an 18-point lead to Kentucky. Man, that has to hurt!

22. West Virginia (5-1) - Everytime I'm in North Myrtle Beach for something, WVU seems to be on! Our family has big NMB and WVU ties, and there are a bunch of WVU folks residing in NMB, so the coincidence is humorous to us. Decent win Thursday over South Florida.

23. Miami (4-2) - The 'Canes are now chasing Virginia Tech in the ACC Coastal race. Those two teams square off in November, but Miami better be careful with UNC this coming weekend.

24. Mississippi State (5-2) - Dan Mullen has Starkville on fire! Florida isn't what it was just a couple of years ago, but they still are UF in the Swamp, and that's a tough place to win. Props.

25. USC (5-2) - Southern California dropped 42 points on Cal before haftime this past weekend. Say what you want folks, the weapons must be there! With that kind of potential, team chemistry must be the reason for the ups and downs.

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