Oct 24

The Top Fan's Top 25 - Week Nine

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: ACC, SEC, Pac Ten, Big Ten, college football

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Unbelievably, for the third straight week, the AP number one went down as Oklahoma lost to Missouri. But in my poll, Oregon has now been number one for two weeks, and will take that ranking again for the third straight week. Boise State and TCU are eagerly waiting for chances to show off their stuff, and Michigan State and Auburn are thinking national title. Here is my top 25 as we head into the ninth week of the season...

1. Oregon (7-0) - The Ducks steamrolled UCLA, 60-13, on national TV last Thursday. This team has it going on in all phases right now.

2. Auburn (8-0) - The Tigers are thinking national championship, but the road ahead is still a tough one. A trip to Alabama looms, and the SEC title game would be tough, as well.

3. Boise State (6-0) - Each week when I get to Boise, I just don't know what to do. Yes, they are good, but how do I move them up?

4. TCU (8-0) - The same can sort of be said for TCU. I want to move them higher, but don't have anything to base it on.

5. Michigan State (8-0) - This is turning into a dream season in East Lansing. Two of the last four games will be pretty tough, but all four are winnable. BCS title caliber? Not sure yet.

6. Alabama (7-1) - Something about Nick Saban and all of those veteran players tells me we haven't heard the last of the Crimson Tide in 2010!

7. Stanford (6-1) - I have the Cardinal this high because their lone loss is to Oregon, I see them winning out, and I really like their style of play. This is a good team, in my opinion.

8. Missouri (7-0) - I have to give all of the credit to Mizzou, but let's face it, that was their first big game this season really. Great win, regardless.

9. Utah (7-0) - The Utes just beat Colorado State, 59-6, and now face Air Force. TCU is the following week.

10. Wisconsin (7-1) - The Badgers used a trick play to silence a rowdy Hawkeye crowd late in the fourth quarter. They scored the game winner a few minutes later for the huge road win.

11. Ohio State (7-1) - The Buckeyes recorded a shutout over Purdue, 49-0. While a very strong team for sure, I just don't know if they are national championship material.

12. Oklahoma (6-1) - Falling eleven spots is pretty harsh, I agree, but there just wasn't anywhere to put 'em! If they win out and things work themselves out, OU will be back in the top five by year's end. Otherwise they don't belong there, anyway!

13. Nebraska (6-1) - Just when they needed it the most, the offense shows up big time with 51 points in a shootout win over Oklahoma State. This game had 92 points scored - so much for defense!

14. LSU (7-1) - You can say a lot of things about Les MIles, but boring isn't one of them! They played Auburn a great game, but came up just short.

15. Florida State (6-1) - Finally, for the first time in weeks, there is an ACC team in my top 15. It might not last long though, as NC State could deal FSU a loss Thursday night.

16. Arizona (6-1) - That home loss to Oregon State is really stinging right now. With that said, I think the tougher half of their Pac Ten slate awaits.

17. South Carolina (5-2) - The Gamecocks bounced back from a crushing loss to Kentucky to stay very much alive in the SEC East race. A game with Tennessee awaits.

18. Iowa (5-2) - Iowa's two losses are by seven points and one point, respectively. A play here or a play there is the difference between being ranked third and being ranked 18th.

19. Miami (5-2) - The 'Canes are very much alive in the ACC Coastal race after pulling away from UNC in a 33-10 win. The Heels did not score in the second half.

20. Arkansas (5-2) - After a home game with Vandy, only South Carolina and LSU stand between the Hogs and a major bowl. This team is real good, but just happens to play in the toughest division in the game.

21. Oklahoma State (6-1) - Even after the shootout loss to Nebraska, I still see Oklahoma State favored in the rest of their games. Texas and Oklahoma are among those teams.

22. Virginia Tech (6-2) - After their disastrous start, the Hokies have now won six straight, and are on a roll. Up next is a home night date with Georgia Tech.

23. Mississippi State (6-2) - This team may not have the elite athletes to compete for a SEC crown, but I really like where Dan Mullen is taking this program.

24. USC (5-2) - The Trojans had an open date this past weekened, and will have had two weeks to get ready for Oregon's visit this coming weekend. An upset would send USC flying up the polls!

25. Michigan (5-2) - The last two times UM has taken the field, they have lost. But they have lost to two pretty darn good teams, and I still think this can be a decent year in Ann Arbor. 

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