Nov 3

Pick'em Contest Update

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: college football

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Our 4th annual Pick'em Contest is in a heated race to the prize - and for pride in general! I went main page with this update because there are a few notes concerning the contest that I wanted to clear up....

1. Wednesday game. There is a Wednesday game this week, but not on purpose! The Top Fan goofed. When entering the games this week, I thought that Rutgers and South Florida played Thursday, so I threw them in as game one of the fifteen - oops! So everyone that is paying attention gets a freebie! If you enter your picks on Thursdays, you will know the score already. And I will make sure everyone gets a "W" in the game if they picked before tonight's game! If you pick tomorrow and still miss this first game, you don't care enough to win, anyway! As normal, the Pick'em Contest will close for the week Thursday night at 7:30.

2. 11 of 14 weeks. Please remember that you have to have picked in 11 of 14 weeks to be eligible for the prize. A lot of you are up near the top but have already missed 2 or 3 weeks....The reason I do this is because I want as many players as possible to be in the contest within fair reason. Some folks are very busy with jobs and forget some weeks. Others don't have a computer on a regular basis. I wish every person had to pick every week, but that isn't necessarily possible...There is also strategy. If a week is stumping you, skip it. If you need to catch up in the standings - dont skip any weeks!

3. The prize. The prize this year is a 2010 NCAA helmet of the winner's choice of favorite team. Estimated value of about $170 dollars! All of the folks near the top within two percentage points of the winner will receive Fans25 t-shirts. Next year I will be giving out a t-shirt to the top pickers each week!

4. Leaders. Right now our leader is "Clloyd" at 77%. He has picked every week....I am near the top at 75%, with just 9 eligible players out of 85 eligible players in front of me...The leaders are Clloyd followed by CJwillsu, CUTiger04, Swampfox, dfitzb, GamecockMark, Leo, Bru, Prozach and then The Top Fan...

5. Bowl Pick'em Contest. We will also have a two part bowl pick'em as there are 35 bowl games. There will be two groups of 15 games - parts 1 and 2 - and those two groups will be combined to make our bowl winner! The prize for this is TBA...

Thanks for playing!

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