Nov 8

The Top Fan's Top 25 - Week Eleven

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: college football, BCS

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TCU and LSU did their parts to shake up the top 25 this past weekend. Utah slid way, way down in my rankings, and Arkansas made a big jump up. Here are my rankings as we head into week eleven of the college football season...

1. Oregon (9-0) - The Ducks continued their explosive offensive ways by putting 53 on Washington. A trip to Berkeley is next to face the Cal Bears.

2. Auburn (10-0) - The Tigers finally got a breather from SEC play and dismantled Chattanooga, 62-24. Georgia visits Jordan-Hare Saturday in the 2010 home finale.

3. Boise State (8-0) - The Broncos sent the Warriors back across the Pacific Ocean with a 35-point loss. Hawaii's nationally ranked passing offense was limited to seven points.

4. TCU (10-0) - The Horned Frog fans will want me to have them at #3 or better, but there just isn't room - despite the big win in Salt Lake City. Yes, it was impressive, but I can't create open spots at the top of this poll.

5. LSU (8-1) - Say what you want about how pretty some of LSU's wins have been this year, the fact of the matter is that they are wins. LSU plays extremely tough defense, thus why they are in all of these games until the end.

6. Wisconsin (8-1) - This is a perfect example of why a playoff is needed. Teams like Wisconsin with little flash and flare could be a serious challenger in a three-round playoff.

7. Stanford (8-1) - Again folks, this team's only loss was at Oregon in week five (and they scored 31 that day). The Cardinal - if they win out - will finish in the top 3 or 4 in the polls.

8. Ohio State (8-1) - The Buckeyes were idle this past weekend. This coming weekend they play host to JoePa and the Nittany Lions.

9. Nebraska (8-1) - Some folks are saying Iowa State is a much better team. Maybe so, but that still isn't saying much. Huskers, you are way too up and down this year and I can't trust how you'll play week to week.

10. Oklahoma State (8-1) - There might not be a team in the nation I would want to play less than Oklahoma State right now. They are averaging 46 ppg after putting 55 on a ranked Baylor squad.

11. Alabama (7-2) - The defending national champs could still make a big bowl, but there will be no BCS for the Tide in 2010.

12. Arkansas (7-2) - Just like Oklahoma State, this is a two-loss team that you don't want any part of. They can score and they can score fast!

13. Michigan State (9-1) - The Spartans easily handled Minnesota at home, and now host Purdue at home. They should be 10-1 heading into the finale at Penn State.

14. Iowa (7-2) - Well, it's like they say, "a win is a win is a win." Good thing, because this win wasn't pretty! The Hawkeyes now travel to Northwestern before hosting Ohio State.

15. Virginia Tech (7-2) - The Hokies have won seven straight since the bad start. They play at UNC in six days in a key Coastal battle. This is a game I can't wait to watch!

16. Mississippi State (7-2) - This is my adopted team for 2010! I actually have never liked MSU until I see the job Coach Mullen is doing. They have the nation's 14th best running game.

17. Oklahoma (7-2) - Once the number 1 team in the nation, the Sooners are fading fast, losing two of their last three. The last three games are all tough, as well.

18. Utah (8-1) - Looking back over Utah's body of work - considering the thrashing they just gave up at home - I can't find much reason to rank them at all. Losing by 40 at home isn't something a top 25 team does.

19. Arizona (7-2) - This is another up and down squad. The schedule is sprinkled with nice wins, but the Cats looked anemic against Stanford. Giving up 42 is (crazily enough) somewhat understandable. Scoring just 17 is not.

20. Nevada (8-1) - I am still not sure I am 100% sold on this team, but putting up 63 points is very impressive no matter the competition.

21. Missouri (7-2) - Now that Mizzou has played two pretty good teams, we see the results. They should win the last three, with Iowa State of all people being the "maybe" game.

22. Miami (6-3) - The 'Canes used a beautiful over the top deep ball to squeek past Maryland yesterday. Once again, though, the U will most-likely miss the ACCCG under Randy Shannon.

22. Florida (6-3) - In this "off" year, the Gators still find themselves ranked and contending for a division crown. They put 55 on Vandy to set up this huge upcoming game with the Gamecocks at the Swamp.

24. USC (6-3) - Don't look now, but Lane Kiffin and crew are back in my top 25! The nation's 14th best scoring offense now travels to play at Arizona.

25. South Carolina (6-3) - Gameocks, you let me down. Still, with a buffet of playmakers on offense and a (usually) stout D, this team is good. We'll see what they really have under the lights next week in Gainesville.

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