Nov 29

The Top Fan's Top 25 - Week 14

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: BCS, college football

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As always, ranking these teams is not only next to impossible, but also controversial. On top of that folks, let's not forget this is also just for fun. For some reason this week I feel I have to include a disclaimer of sorts for my top 25. So note: This poll is just for good times. The BCS didn't ask me!

1. Oregon (11-0) - After an average first half saw the Ducks tied with Arizona, they won the second half 35-10. This team can erupt for points at any minute. Next: Oregon State.

2. Auburn (12-0) - Auburn fans will be watching replays of Saturday's Iron Bowl for decades to come. One more win - and it will be tough - will see them play Oregon for a national title. Next: South Carolina.

3. Wisconsin (11-1) - The Badgers have scored 201 points in the last three games, and it came against Big Ten competition. It breaks my heart we will most-likely see teams from three on down get left out of any shot a national title. Next: bowl.

4. Stanford (11-1) - After a 38-0 defeat of Oregon State, I like this team even more. I always give props to a shutout anyway, and now that I see they have some D to go with that O, this is one heck of a team. Next: bowl.

5. TCU (12-0) - The Frogs went on the orad and beat New Mexico, 66-17. They shut the door after halftime while piling on 35 of their own. Many are projecting TCU to play Wisconsin. I know Horned Frog fans want a BCS Championship Game appearance, but that is a game I would love to watch. Next: bowl.

6. Arkansas (10-2) - The Razorbacks are on a six-game winning streak and I see them as one of the most dangerous teams in the country. A big win over LSU to close the season has the Hogs thinking BCS at-large. Next: bowl.

7. Michigan State (11-1) - The Spartans grabbed a piece of a three-way tie for the Big Ten crown. The final BCS standings next week will determine the winner, and it looks like Wisconsin will get it, not Sparty. Next: bowl.

8. Oklahoma (10-2) - I knew it would take a lot of points if OU were to beat Oklahoma State, and it did. The Sooners scored 47 on the road to defeat their arch-rival. Double-digit wins is always a nice goal to reach. Next: Nebraska.

9. Ohio State (11-1) - The Buckeyes closed out another strong season under Jim Tressel by waxing Michigan in The Horseshoe. A three-way tie in the Big Ten standings will be settled next week by the BCS rankings. Next: bowl.

10. Boise State (10-1) - Despite the loss to Nevada, I know BSU is still a very dangerous, very disciplined team. But with that said, their strength of schedule just isn't enough to keep them near the top even with just one loss. Next: bowl.

11. LSU (10-2) - A respectable loss on the road to a very good Arkansas team is nothing to raise alarms. The Tigers two losses in 2010 came to the Hogs and SEC West champ Auburn. Another strong year for Les Miles. Next: bowl.

12. Virginia Tech (10-2) - The Hokies are in familiar territory, appearing in the ACC's showcase game for the fourth time in six seasons. The James Madison loss is killing this team. Next: FSU.

13. Texas A&M (9-3) - In years past, I have watched the Aggies fold when on the verge of success. But in 2010, they have notched several big wins and look to have a top ten finish. Next: bowl.

14. Nebraska (10-2) - The Huskers will end their ties to the Big 12 with a good old-fashioned Big 8 Matchup with longtime foe Oklahoma. Playing for the Big 12 crown, this should be a very entertaining game. Next: Oklahoma.

15. South Carolina (9-3) - Alshon Jeffery at wide receiver is going to make a lot of money playing on Sundays one day. That mush is for certain. As for now, he and freshman sensation running back Marcus Lattimore will lead USC against Auburn for the SEC title. Next: Auburn.

16. Oklahoma State (10-2) - OSU can score with the best of them - that's for sure. But they need to work on defense to be elite. In their two losses, they gave up 51 to Nebraska and 47 to Oklahoma, and lost both close! Next: bowl.

17. Nevada (11-1) - Let's face it, the Wolf Pack caught an enormous break when BSU missed a chip shot game winner. Still, Nevada played a great game and apparently has a solid program. I really enjoyed watching that game. Next: at Louisiana Tech.

18. Alabama (9-3) - This has to be one of the strongest 9-3 teams in the history of the game. Losses came to the two SEC Championship Game particpants and to LSU by a field goal. Next: bowl.

19. Florida State (9-3) - After seven years of misery to Florida, FSU burst through with a convincing 31-7 win over their in-state enemy. This team isn't back to the glory days yet, but an ACCCG win next week would be one heck of a good start. Next: Virginia Tech.

20. West Virginia (8-3) - Earlier in the season, this team was down and out. Now, if things go right (Uconn must lose at South Florida and WVU must win), the 'Neers could end up back as Big East champs and in the BCS. Next: Rutgers.

21. Missouri (10-2) - The Tigers finished the regular season with a three-game wining streak, with the latest victim being Kansas, 35-7. A lack of big wins, as well as late-season timing on the two losses, is keeping this team back. Next: bowl.

22. Mississippi State (8-4) - When 8-4 is a good season for you, then you know it's a good thing you have a guy Like Dan Mullen. He is changing the attitude around Starkville. But will he stay? Several high-profile jobs are sure to pop up just as they do at the end of every college season. Next: bowl.

23. Maryland (8-4) - Don't laugh folks, the Terps are alright. They aren't going to set the world on fire, but are a tough team to beat. Just ask NC State, who fell in College Park to lose the ACC Atlantic. Next: bowl.

24. Utah (10-2) - Ute fans, you're amongst my favorites in the forum, so I'm not talking junk. But I have a hard time ranking this team. The quality wins were over Pitt and BYU, and both came by the slimmest of margins. Next: bowl.

25. Arizona (7-4) - The main reason the Wildcats made the list is that I just wasn't ready to rank Hawaii or Northern Illiinois, as the only big win between them came over Nevada. Next: Arizona State.

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