Dec 6

The Top Fan's Top 25 - End of Regular Season

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: BCS, college football

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Bowl season is now upon us. It has been fun to make out my top 25 poll each week. The discussions and debates it has created have been a good way to get each week going here on Now, the final regular season games have been played, and here is a look at who I see as the strongest teams heading into bowl season. I am a huge proponent of a playoff - that has been well documented on this site over the years. But with no playoff in place right now, I look forward to the games that are ahead. All five BCS games are intriguing games, I just wish the winners of those games got to keep playing somehow until they lost. But enough about our postseason setup, here is my top 25 at the close of the regular season.

1. Auburn (13-0) - It took me all year to get 'em up to number one, but after their dominance Saturday, here they are. Next: Oregon, BCS Championship Game.

2. Oregon (12-0) - The Ducks have been my number one for nearly two months. Win in Glendale, and they will be the permanant 2010 number one. Next: Auburn, BCS Championship Game.

3. Wisconsin (12-0) - The Badgers point scoring at the end of the year makes me think this is one of America's most dangerous teams. Next: TCU, Rose Bowl Game.

4. TCU (12-0) - The Horned Frogs and their fans will get their shot at glory as they play Wisconsin in one of the most prestigious sporting events in America. It is little reconciliation, but win and TCU finishes number two (with an asterisk). Next: Wisconsin, Rose Bowl Game.

5. Stanford (11-1) - I would still put the Cardinal up against pretty much anyone. Andrew Luck and that offense against the defense of VT and Tyrod Taylor!? Awesome game ahead! Next: Virginia Tech, Orange Bowl.

6. Arkansas (10-2) - A super potent offensive team, the game with Ohio State should be a classic! Congrats Hogs on the BCS. Next: Ohio State, Sugar Bowl.

7. Michigan State (11-1) - I could juggle OSU and MSU here, but I'm going to go with the Spartans for now. Next year, the Big Ten will have a title game to settle this kind of stuff. Next: Alabama, Capital One Bowl.

8. Ohio State (11-1) - Terrell Pryor's career will come to an end in the Superdome. Can he shake the Ohi State-SEC thing for a grand finale? Next: Arkansas, Sugar Bowl.

9. Oklahoma (11-2) - Well, once again the Sooners are the champs of their league and going BCSing. They are truly one of college football's perennial powers. Next: UConn, Fiesta Bowl.

10. Boise State (11-1) - The Bronocs were one field goal from the BCS following one of the greatest catches I have ever seen by Titus Young. Now though, a "normal" bowl awaits. Next: Utah, Las Vegas Bowl.

11. Virginia Tech (11-2) - When looking back, the Hokies should kick themslves for not being a national title contender in 2010. Boise beat 'em at the last minute, and JMU is a win 49 out of 50 times. 12-1 or 13-0 was scary close. Next: Stanford, Orange Bowl.

12. LSU (10-2) - Even in this average year of sorts, LSU finds itself in the hunt for win number eleven. This team got more lucky breaks in 2010 than any team I've ever seen! Next: Texas A&M, Cotton Bowl.

13. Oklahoma State (10-2) - In a season with several teams showing unreal offensive performances, OSU is right up there with the best. Next: Arizona, Alamo Bowl.

14. Texas A&M (9-3) - Over the years, I have grown used to seeing A&M fall on their face. But in 2010, they beat Nebraska, then Texas, to stay in the top 25. A huge bowl now awaits to really make this a banner year. Next: LSU, Cotton Bowl.

15. Missouri (10-2) - The Tigers of Missouri quietly had a big season, highlighted by the midseason win over then top-ranked Oklahoma. Next: Iowa, Insight Bowl.

16. Alabama (9-3) - I never expected the Tide to lose three games this year with all that they had coming back. But when you play eight or nine tough games, that can happen. Next: Michigan State, Capital One Bowl.

17. South Carolina (9-4) - The Gamecocks were embarassed on national TV as a reward for wining their division. But so is the cruel nature of the game. They go back to the ATL in three weeks. Next: Florida State, Chik-Fil-A Bowl.

18. Nevada (12-1) - Sorry Wolf Pack faithful, but I'm just not quite ready to make you top 15. Yes, beating Boise was nice. But really, that BSU kicker gave it away and we all know it. Still, a great year. Next: Boston College, Fight Hunger Bowl.

19. Nebraska (10-3) - The Huskers have troubles on offense with turnovers, and that has led them to this ranking. Again against OU, Nebraska lost four turnovers in a 3-point loss. Next: Washington, Holiday Bowl.

20. Mississippi State (8-4) - All season I have applauded the efforts of Coach Dan Mullen. Congrats on a nice second year, and look for MSU to have another solid year in 2011. Next: Michigan, Gator Bowl.

21. UConn (8-4) - A gutsy fourth quarter, fourth-down call against Pitt a few weeks back saved the season. People shouldn't under-estimate this team. Next: Oklahoma, Fiesta Bowl.

22. West Virginia (9-3) - Oh so close to the BCS, WVU just couldn't get a last minute loss from UConn. Still, nine wins is a nice "down year." Next: NC State, Florida Citrus Bowl.

23. Florida State (9-4) - Though climbing back towards the top, VT showed them they still have a few steps to take. Next: South Carolina, Chik-Fil-A Bowl.

24. Maryland (8-4) - The Terps four losses were to FSU, Miami, Clemson and WVU. Overall, a solid year for UM. Next: East Carolina, Military Bowl.

25. Utah (10-2) - If not for our Ute fans on the site here, I mght not rank Utah. Yes, they have ten wins, but please show me a big one. Next: Boise State, Las Vegas Bowl.

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