Jan 2

Feelin' Froggy!

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: BCS, college football, TCU, Wisconsin

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Photo: US Presswire (click to enlarge)

TCU 21, Wisconsin 19. Outside of the BCS Championship Game, this was probably the most anticipated bowl of them all. Across the nation, people wondered if TCU could remain unbeaten once they played one of the hottest teams in America, Wisconsin. The Horned Frogs answered that question with a resounding "yes!" as they completed a perfect season at 13-0. Behind a stout defensive effort, TCU and linebacker Tank Carder shut the door on the potent Badger attack. With the win in this prestigious event, the Horned Frogs are the latest team to expose the problems with the BCS. In the twelve years of this system, eight teams have had perfect seasons and did not get the chance to play for a national crown.

Regardless, TCU is now your Rose Bowl champion, and will finish the season ranked second or third in the major polls. They proved to the nation that they can play big-time, hard-nosed football and that Head Coach Gary Patterson is one of the best in the business.

In this final, climatic game of this 2010 season, TCU was led with strong performances by veterans such as senior quarterback Andy Dalton and junior linebacker Carder.

Some players just know how to play the game. They have an instinct for it. A sixth sense. For TCU, that player is Carder. The dude turned in a defensive performance in the Rose Bowl Game that will be remembered by many for years to come. He made countless third-down tackles, sacked Wisconsin quarterback Scott Tolzien several times hard, and made the game-winning play on a two-point attempt with a minute and a half to go. When he batted down Tolzien's pass from the 3-yard line in an attempt to tie the game, Carder and TCU celebrated. The kind of defensive effort turned in by Carder and his teammates was very impressive and is the way you play football at a high level.

On offense, Andy Dalton (who now has 44 TCU wins to his credit) got the job done for the Frogs. He went 15 of 23 for 219 yards and one touchdown through the air. Most importantly, he avoided the costly interception. On the ground, the big red-headed QB had another 28 yards, picking up several third downs with his feet, and also ran for another score (see photo). This guy knows how to move the chains for his squad, and that is the name of the game in the sport of football. Keep the other team's offense on the sideline.

While I picked Wisconsin in a thriller, I am happy that TCU won. I hate the BCS. Hate it. I think it is a joke. So anything at all - anything - that shows it doesn't hold water I am a fan of. In this game, TCU showed that it could certainly compete with Oregon or Auburn. But at 13-0 they won't get the chance and Americans from Honolulu to Maine will take note.

Congrats, TCU - that was an excellent performance on national TV! The debates will rage on over the Frogs 2010 schedule, the BCS thing, the Big East move and many other topics for TCU fans and their non-fans. But the only thing that needs to be known right now is that they are the champions of the 2011 Rose Bowl Game, and it is well-deserved. This team plays football the right way and is fun to watch.

What a game!

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