Jan 10

BCS National Championship

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: Auburn, Oregon, BCS, college football

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#1 Auburn (13-0) vs. #2 Oregon (12-0) - BCS National Title Game - Glendale, AZ - 8:00 EST - ESPN - Line: Auburn giving 1.5 - After weeks and weeks of waiting, folks in Auburn, Alabama and Eugene, Oregon can finally wake up to say once again, "It's gameday!" Between these two schools, not a loss exists. Tonight, with the nation watching, one of these two teams will go down in history as the class of the 2010 season. Will it be the Tigers with memorable quarterback Cam Newton? Or will it be the Ducks, and their high-powered offense? The wait is over, it's time for the answer. Let's get it on!

Repost from bowl predictions article:

At the beginning of the season, I couldn't imagine anyone having an offense that could get anywhere close to what Oregon had going on. But dangit if Auburn didn't almost do it! The Tigers feature the best offensive weapon in America in QB Cam Newton, and are averaging 42 points per game. They scored 62 against Arkansas in a key SEC West game, and 56 against South Carolina to win the conference. Oregon, of course, comes into this game with the nation's top offense, averaging 49 points per game. The Ducks put up 48 points or more in an amazing nine games - including efforts of 72, 69 and 60. They can light it up!

So going into this game, there is no doubt both teams can move the ball. So I look at intangibles at this point, and the biggest one to me is Auburn's ability to keep composure no matter the score. I have no doubt that Oregon will come out and score. They will. But even if Auburn is to get down by 21 or so points early, I know they can come back. If they have to, they have shown they can score into the 50's and 60's if that is what it takes.

I have the utmost respect for both of these teams and how they have found a way to win every game they have played. A pick of either team can be justified with numbers and stories and examples. But in the end, I will go with Auburn and one of the more special players I have ever watched play. Yes, Oregon will be the ultimate test to cap off a national championship season, but betting against Cam Newton right now just doesn't seem to make much sense to me! Auburn, 48-43.

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