Aug 19

Back Like Cooked Crack!

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: South Carolina, college football

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After a hiatus, I am ready to give Fans25 and the 2011 football season my undivided attention. Cory Boyd, a former player of my beloved rival, the South Carolina Gamecocks, once so elonquently stated, "I'm back like cooked crack!" as he was speaking to the TV cameras following a touchdown reception. And while I have never even seen in real life the substance just mentioned, nor mean in any way to bring humor to a serious matter, I do find the quote quite entertaining.

Yeah, I suppose I am as guilty as Boyd is for using the reference, and I suppose I could have thought of another way to tell folks that we are back and ready to roll for college football 2011. But Boyd's words do in fact get the point across rather clearly!

In each of our first four offseasons, and I scratched and clawed our way through the downtime with articles and conversations about the "other sports." However, this was not the case in off-season number five.

As soon as the 2010 season ended back in January, I took a job with Carolina Pride, our sponsor. I saw it wise in those early months with the company to dedicate my entire brain to the new job. During that time, I was chomping at the bit to write articles, but was also taking a much needed break from the site to really gather energy for this season...Now I'm ready.

Now it is game day. Showtime. Time to get back back in the saddle. It is time to knock the dust off of my keyboard and crack my knuckles. It is time for articles and arguing and picking and predicting. Basically folks, it is the time of year when the only days that matter are Saturdays (and the occasional Thursday night). It is college football season once again!

So while being "back like cooked crack" may not be the very best description of just how back we are, just know that we here at Fans25 are indeed back for the 2011 season, and we hope you are, too!

Please look for the Fans25 college football preseason special coming out on Sunday August 28th, and daily articles from now through the bowls!

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