Sep 17

Clemson Comes to Life

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: college football, top 25

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The Sun comes out in the second half for Clemson. The Tigers of Clemson overcame a large early deficit to even things at the half, and in the second half - as the clouds cleared - the Clemson offense and defense came to life, outscoring Auburn 31-3 over the final 36 minutes...

The win breaks a national best 17-game winning streak for Auburn, and allows Clemson fans the opportunity to celebrate a quality win for the first time in several seasons.

When Auburn went up early in the game with leads of 14-0 and 21-7, the Clemson faithful had plenty of reason to think the worst was about to go down yet again. But the Clemson crowd responded, and a second quarter rally to tie things, folllowed by a  huge second half, delivered CU a win that was badly needed.

It is very clear early for Clemson that Sammy Watkins at wide-receiver is going to be a huge factor. The guy can get open, he can shed the first guy that gets to him ,and he can catch anything that his 6'2" frame can get his fingers on. He is a key ingredient, and will continue to be. He also compliments Nuke Hopkins, allowing Hopkins to be a dangerous second threat.

Tajh Boyd went 30-42 for Clemson for 386 yards. Going into the game, he was seen as a huge question mark. One good game certainly does not cement him into college football lore, but his four touchdown performance was good enough to lead this offense to 38 points.

If you are an Auburn fan, and there were an enormous number of them that made the trek to Clemson from Alabama, this game brought to an end an unprecedented era of War Eagle football. A national title, an SEC championship, and a 17-game winning streak are the kind of things that college football fans remember for decades to come. There is not a team in the nation who wouldn't want to lay claim to that feat.

If you are a Clemson fan, you enjoy this win, but you know jack squat has really been accomplished on a large scale...

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