Sep 22

More Likely to Go Winless: Boston College or Oregon State?

Posted By:Anthony Capobianco - Tucson, Arizona  Tags: college football, BCS

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College football is designed for every team in a BCS conference to have at least one win. They get to schedule mid major teams from the Sun Belt, Mid-American Conference, Mountain West, Conference USA and the WAC. They can even schedule an FCS team.

Every team should have at least one victory under their belt. Yet there are some that have failed to do so by now. Both Boston College of the ACC and Oregon State of the Pac-12 have yet to win a game.

Is it possible for either of these teams to go winless?

Boston College got dominated by a mid-major team and lost to Duke (who lost to FCS Richmond in Week 1) while being unable to score at least 20 points and averaging less than two touchdowns a game.

The most likely beatable opponent for Boston College would have to be the only FCS team on their schedule.

If they can't beat UMass then it's all over for the Eagles. How could you expect them to beat a BCS team if they can't beat a FCS team?

Oregon State has proved that they can run the ball down the throats of a FCS team and still lose, and score zero points against a BCS team.

Freshman running back Malcolm Agnew was their only form of offense against Sacramento State. He rushed for 223 yards and three touchdowns and somehow did not play against Wisconsin. His touchdowns account for all of the Beavers' touchdowns.

Oregon State has a better chance of losing out than Boston College does.

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